Jimmy Kimmel Delivers Tearful Speech About His Newborn’s Congenital Heart Defect

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Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Finding out there’s something wrong with your newborn child is terrifying. Unfortunately, this was the case for late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel. On Monday night’s opening monolog, Kimmel shared a deeply personal story about his infant son. “Before I go into it, I want you to know it has a happy ending,” started Kimmel’s tearful speech.

Jimmy Kimmel went on to tell his audience that last week his wife gave birth to their second child, William– Billy for short. Everything seemed normal at first until a nurse discovered that Billy had a heart murmur and noticed his skin was a bit purple. A cardiac specialist rushed in and discovered that he had a dangerous heart condition and needed surgery immediately.

They took Billy in an ambulance from Cedars-Sinai to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where he had open heart surgery. “It was the longest three hours of my life,” Jimmy Kimmel tearfully told the audience. But the procedure went well, and six days later, they were able to take Billy home.

Kimmel began asking for better health care for our children. “Before 2014, if you were born with congenital heart disease like my son was, there was a good chance you would never be able to get health insurance because you had a preexisting condition,” he stated. “You were born with a preexisting condition, and if your parents didn’t have medical insurance, you might not even live long enough to get denied because of a preexisting condition.”

Jimmy Kimmel says no matter what your political views are, “we need to take care of each other… No parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child’s life. It just shouldn’t happen.”

Be sure to watch Jimmy’s emotional speech below.