John Legend’s Daughter Had the Cutest Reaction to Her Dad’s “Sesame Street” Surprise

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photo: Chrissy Teigen via Instagram 

Ten-time Grammy winner John Legend may be a superstar singer and songwriter, but he is first and foremost a daddy. And during his latest appearance on Sesame Street (he’s done a couple of them!), Legend made sure to film a special shout-out just for his baby girl, Luna.

In December, Legend’s wife Chrissy Tiegen posted the video on Instagram of Legend doing a personalized performance with the Sesame Street gang, saying, “I cannot wait for the day Luna goes absolutely nuts over this.”

Well, that day just happened. At 16 months, Luna is finally at the stage where she knows and loves Sesame Street, so Tiegen finally showed her the video. In it, Legend sits at a grand piano beside the whole furry crew, and he says, “Hi Luna!” while Elmo and his fellow Muppets join in, waving, blowing kisses and saying, “We love you!”

The adorable toddler’s reaction was priceless: It takes her a few ecstatic seconds to realize that not only is she watching her favorite show, but also that her dad is on screen, too. Entranced, she waves to the screen and says, “Dada!” in that melt-your-heart toddler way that’s just too freakin’ cute.

“When John first posted this video to Instagram, Luna had no idea what Sesame Street was,” Tiegen wrote on her Instagram post. “This is her first time watching it and knowing how freaking epic it is.”

Teigen posted the priceless reaction this week on Instagram. See for yourself:

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