Got Night Terrors? Checkout the Lully Sleep Guardian PLUS

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Did you know that night terrors affect one in five families? If you’re one of these families you know the drill–your child wakes up from a deep sleep in a state that’s a cross between a temper tantrum and a nightmare. In the moment these episodes (which your kiddo rarely remembers the morning after) are as terrifying for you as it is for them. To combat night terrors, there’s a new non-medication solution for parents: The Lully Sleep Guardian PLUS. Read on to discover how this just-launched device works and why it’s necessary for any family affected by night terrors.

What Are Night Terrors?
Night terrors (they’re also called sleep terrors) are different than bad dreams. When your child wakes from a deep sleep he may be looking around, crying or moving, but unable to recognize you. Unlike a nightmare when you can wake your child and soothe her, it’s very difficult to wake or comfort your kiddo from a night terror. If you’re not sure whether your child suffers from night terrors or nightmares, click here for a simple quiz that’ll help determine what it is your little one is experiencing.

What’s The Lully Sleep Guardian PLUS?
The Lully Sleep Guardian PLUS is Lully’s newest release and the updated version of their original device (which is still available via their website for $129). The upgraded device, created by a physician and engineer from Stanford University, is the first proven, non-medication solution to night terrors. The PLUS is brainy smart with features that’ll make it easier for you to help your child sleep better.


How It Works
The Sleep Guardian is a small bluetooth enabled round device that you slip under your child’s mattress. Sync the Guardian PLUS with your iOs app (compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as long as you’re running on iOS7 or higher) and the guardian will gently vibrate up to three minutes interrupting your kiddo’s sleep rhythm and moving him to a safer stage of sleep before a night terror occurs.

Seriously, It Works?
The Sleep Guardian is proven to reduce 80% of night terrors. Initially we thought this fact was too good to be true, so we had to take it for a test run ourselves. One of Red Tricycle’s team members used the device with her son and was thrilled with the results. In just 30 days, her son’s night terrors dissipated tremendously, which gave her entire family the peace of mind they had been searching for. Still on the fence? All of Lully’s products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.


Perks of the PLUS
Remember when we claimed this new device was brainy smart? The PLUS will help you understand your child’s night terrors in a way you never thought possible. The app boasts a weekly metrics screen that shows when in their REM cycle night terrors are the most prevalent and a notes feature that helps you can rate the severity of the night terrors (which will help you develop insights into what triggers them). Use the app on multiple devices and track your child’s progress with the app’s heatmap. As a PLUS owner, you’ll also get 24/7 access to Lully’s sleep experts–simply call anytime of day or night to speak to one of their sleep experts for whatever you might need.

Available at for $199

Does someone in your family suffer from night terrors? Will you try out Lully Sleep Guardian PLUS? Leave a comment for our community below!

— Erin Lem

photos courtesy of Lully