Khloe K Gets Real about Breastfeeding & Her Honesty Is So Appreciated

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Mommy shame isn’t something that is only for us regular ol’ folks. Celebs feel the pressure of parenting too. Khloe Kardashian opened up about breastfeeding on social media recently, showing the world that despite the wealth and fame—she struggles too.

In a recent tweet, the new mama wrote, “Mommy shaming is real! But the truth is I’ve tried and tried and tried to breast feed only and it wasn’t working for me. I feel fortunate that I am able to still breast-feed but with the help of formula. Breast-feeding is something I really wanted to do. Just am not fully able.”

Kardashian certainly isn’t the only mom to struggle with something that many feel comes naturally. And she certainly isn’t the first woman to feel judged for her baby-feeding choices. Plenty of parents responded back to Kardashian’s tweet, telling their own stories. One mama tweeted, “mad respect to @khloekardashian for opening up about supplementing with formula. i had to do that when I went back to work.” The tweet went on to add that the mama was embarrassed because she couldn’t make enough milk to feed her baby (while she was at work) and that, “fed is best!”

We totally get what Kardashian is going through—and applaud her honesty!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Good Mama Jeans/Good American


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