KidKraft’s New Foody Friends Are Everything Your Culinary Kid Needs

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Your budding chef wants nothing more than to play all day in the kitchen. While you’ve already nixed the notion of stove-side play, your kiddo is still all-in for creative cooking fun. Here’s where KidKraft’s new Foody Friends line comes in to play!

KidKraft will debut two all-new kitchen-themed activity centers this coming August. With imaginative animal themes, bright colors, and plenty of gadgets to explore, these must-have picks are the perfect addition to your child’s pretend play area.

The KidKraft Foody Friends Cooking Elephant Activity Center ($99.99) features a water spout trunk, a pop-o-matic popcorn pan, color change eggs, a fridge door maze, and so much more! The 360-degree play center is two-feet tall and includes 18 awesome accessories.

Along with the Cooking Elephant Activity Center, KidKraft is also debuting the Deluxe Baking Fun Puppy Activity Center next summer (also $99.99). Like the elephant-themed kitchen center, the puppy-inspired baking center also features 360-play, 18 accessories, and is two-feet tall. This center gives kiddos the chance to cut out cookies, roll dough, stack cake tiers, and “bake” cookies in the oven.

Both kitchen-themed play centers are made for children ages two and up. The sets will be available for purchase this coming August.

—Erica Loop

Photos courtesy of KidKraft



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