This Device Will Help Your Child Track the Days Until Christmas

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Sometime over the summer, parents usually hear the very first, “How many more days until Christmas?” query. You’ll laugh and say, “Not for a while, buddy” as you toss bathing suits into the laundry basket. But as the days go on, the questions keep coming. Vague answers aren’t quite cutting it for your eager kiddo. The Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch can be a gamechanger for Kriss Kringle-obsessed kids—because every parent could use a Robot to get us through the holiday season, #amiright?

This fun, interactive smartwatch features an intuitive, kid-friendly interface that helps kids learn to tell time and keep track of it. They can use a stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, calendar and set reminders—perfect for keeping tabs on the days until Santa comes down the chimney.

And should they need a little distraction from focusing on the best-holiday-of-the-year… they can keep busy and engaged with a variety of learning, arcade and fitness games. The pedometer, dance activity game and augmented reality Walk n’ Wonder game will keep their body moving while they dream up their wish list!

And speaking of wish lists, here’s how the cool Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch can help your kiddo get creative while building a list of must-have gifts!

Another reason your kids will want this smartwatch? The Tobi robot character speaks gibberish, giggles and has more than 100 expressions. Featuring moving arms and legs, this built-in interactive robot is here to help children learn, manage important tasks (like a Christmas countdown!), and have tons of fun every day.

Buy the Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch here!