15 Genius Kitchen Organization Hacks

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With the spring cleaning season approaching, we know you’ll soon be spending lots of time in your kitchen. Since it’s basically the heart of the house, being organized is key. We’ve gathered some of our favorite kitchen organization hacks that will keep you out of the disaster zone and help you transform the way you use the family’s favorite space. Scroll down to see them all.

Have a Dedicated Kitchen Tablet

Jeff Sheldon

Cut down on all the clutter that gathers in a kitchen by dedicating a tablet to the workspace. The family calendar, recipes, shopping lists and bills are just a few of the things you can take digital to cut back on clutter with this kitchen organization hack. 

Clean Out the Fridge


From where to store your milk to the best inserts to keep it all straight, check out The Kitchn's easy tricks to keeping your fridge clean.

Hang Pots and Pans

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Give yourself extra storage space for things that don't have handles by installing a pot rack on the wall or overhead. 

Organize Things Where you Can See Them

When organizing your pantry (or anything, really!), it's a good idea to put things in clear containers or to set them up in a way where you can see what they are or how much you have left. That way, you can easily access them and know when to put them on the grocery list. 

Make a Can Organizer

Perfection Gone Astray

When it comes to kitchen organization hacks, pantry storage is key. Something that can take up a lot of room is canned goods. From soup to fruit, veggies and stews, you need an efficient way to keep them all organized. An easy way to do this is using a magazine holder or a soda box to create the perfect DIY can dispenser. We love the one spotted over at Perfection Gone Astray

Craft a Chalkboard Cabinet

Tid Bits from The Tremaynes

When you combine the kitchen organization with helpful notes, you get a chalkboard cabinet. How do you create this fantastic concept, you ask? Use this cool tutorial from Tid Bits from The Tremaynes to paint the inside of your cabinet with chalkboard paint, and then add extra hooks inside for measuring cups or other goodies.


Use Tight Sealing Jars

Pantries can get overrun quickly, especially when you can't see what you have. If you put all of your pantry foods into clear jars, you'll be able to see what you have. Make sure to use jars that have tops with a tight seal so that you don't have any unwanted visitors!

Add a Lazy Susan to the Fridge

Power Home Solutions

Another useful kitchen organization hack: for easy access to all of your favorite jams and condiments, try using a lazy susan turntable in your fridge. The perfect swiveling action will give you constant access to all of your favorite sauces without having to take everything out of your fridge to get to them.

Put a Shoe Organizer in your Pantry

Becoming More Domestic

We know you love using that awesome shoe organizer in your bedroom. Have you ever considered using it in your kitchen? One of the coolest kitchen organizing tips we found is to put a hanging shoe organizer in your pantry. The endless pockets can be used to store food or must-haves like plastic bags, trash bags and foil.

Magnetize your Spices


Organizing your spices is a challenge because they’re so small, and you can’t stack anything on top of them. But what if you didn’t have to store them in a cabinet? This inventive kitchen organization hack from Davison will show you how to magnetize each jar of spices and stick them to the side of your fridge. This gives you easy access to your spices without the wasted storage space.

Use Labels in the Pantry

how to use kitchen organization hacks
Heather McKean on Unsplash

We know you’re committed to having an organized pantry, but it’s not enough to just put everything in boxes or containers. To create your dream pantry, what you really need are labels. Whether you use adhesive labels or notecards, labeling all of the containers will make it easier to store, stock and find everything.

Properly Store your Cords

Dreaming in DIY

When it comes to kitchen organization, one of the most important things to have is counter space. And the biggest challenge is all those appliances and their cords. (and can be pretty dangerous for the little ones). But, what if you didn’t have to worry about them? Try this awesome hack from Dreaming in DIY. All you need to do is attach Command hooks to your appliances, and you have instant cord storage.

Install a Shower Rod Under the Sink

A Little Bit Funky

You might think a shower rod is only useful for your bathroom, but think again! One awesome way to incorporate a shower rod into your kitchen is by sticking it under your sink, like Crystal from Little Bit Funky has done. The rod acts as a hanging storage rod where you can put all of those pesky spray bottles. 

Use a Tissue Box for Plastic Bags

Pixel Rich on Unsplash

You can never have enough plastic bags, but storing them is a bit of a mess. You can always bundle them together and create a bag full of bags, but that’s not the most efficient choice. One of our favorite kitchen organizing hacks is to fold the bags neatly and place them in a tissue box, and voila! You’ve got a plastic bag dispenser.

Organize your Pot Lids on the Cabinet Door

Jayefuu via Instructables

Pot lids are so difficult to store because they're fragile, and you need easy access to all of them. Check out this genius idea from Jayefuu on Instructables. All you’ll need to do is use Command hooks inside your cabinets to support each lid: It gets them out of the way and makes them accessible in a snap.

— Taylor Clifton & Natasha Davis


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