These Limited-Edition Holiday Nutella Jars Pack Something Pretty Cool Inside

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This is the time of year when it’s all about holiday cookies galore. But maybe you’re kind of tired of the same old, same old. Well, now you can nosh on Christmas-themed Nutella! The majorly popular chocolate hazelnut spread is available in special limited-edition jars—just in time for the holidays. But some jars have something even cooler inside, to make your holiday cookies stand out like whoa.

The creamy, chocolate-y hazelnut goodness known and loved around the world has stayed perfectly the same. But what makes this year’s limited edition Christmas Nutella so cool are the super-special stencils hidden under the lids!

So what kinds of holiday happiness can you expect here? If you’re crafty in the kitchen, Nutella has special stencil and decorating tool jars. Heck, if you’re not crafty in the kitchen…well, we’re pretty sure you can still work some culinary magic with theese limited-edition Nutella stencils. These little gems come complete with snowflake, reindeer, star and other holiday-themed designs.

How do the in-the-lid stencils work? Just pop the design out, place it your piece of bread, Christmas cookie or anything else, and spread Nutella across it. Remove the stencil to reveal a chocolate-y hazelnut design delight!

Nutella also has dressed up their jars for the holidays, too. These limited-edition jars comes in Christmas-cute holiday characters. Look for Santa, a penguin and a red-nosed reindeer all with red chef’s hats on, spreading the chocolate delight onto a piece of bread.

And if you’re looking for a smaller-sized jar of the chocolate-y spreadable goodness, the mini jars come with red or green tops. And yes, they can even double as clever DIY Christmas tree ornaments!

—Erica Loop

All photos: Courtesy of Ferrero



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