Holy Roly! 5 Spots for Rolled Ice Cream in LA

Rolled ice cream, a chilly treat long popular in Asia, is the hottest thing to hit the LA ice cream scene since froyo. It’s made by laying flat sheets of liquid ice cream onto sub-zero pans, mixing in some toppings, then rolling the whole thing into frozen tubes that are so gorgeous they’ll look better on your Instagram feed than you do! Kids love watching the rolling process and parents appreciate the exotic flavors. So beat the heat and roll over to one of these new LA hot spots for cool treats.

photo: Chelo Creamery’s Facebook page.

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Chelo Creamery
Chelo Creamery’s website and Instagram feed make its frozen creations look like they were crafted for social media above all else. But fans of this popular City of Industry spot rave about the rolls (and everything else it has to offer). Little chocoholics will want to try the “Ballin’ on a Fudge It,” rolls of chocolate ice cream with Oreo and brownie toppings; while traditional rollers will appreciate the “Good-Zooky,” which rolls matcha green tea ice cream with red bean and mochi toppings.

As if that weren’t enough to get you through the doors, Chelo also serves custard, gelato, Italian ice, “shaved snow,” “Waffles & Cream” (specialty-made waffles topped with a scoop of gelato), and “Gelataroons,” (scoops of gelato smushed between two macaroon cookies). So whatever you’re cold cravings are, it’s got you covered.

18558 Gale Ave.
City of Industry
Online: chelocreamery.com

photo: Narine M. via Yelp

Igloo Parlor
Valley folks can get their roll on at this Ventura Boulevard spot that serves hefty portions of organic rolled ice cream complete with loads of yummy toppings. Make sure your kiddos are prepared to wait, since lines can get long, especially on weekends. Try the Hazelnut Heaven (pictured above), which includes a Nutella Ice Cream base mixed with Ferrero Rocher chocolate and topped with Nutella and another Ferrero Rocher chocolate. It may be the first thing your kids have ever agreed on!

14545 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks
Online: Iglooparlor.com

photo: Jessamyn D. via Yelp

-8℃ Ice Cream
It may not be by the beach, but South Bayers will want to make the short drive inland to check out this hard-to-find gem (it’s located inside a busy shopping plaza in Gardena). Kids who long for sugary breakfast cereals will go nuts for the Cap’n Crunch rolls, which include any flavor ice cream mixed with Cap’n Crunch cereal and topped with your choice of (unlimited!) toppings.

Tip: Save it for dessert, and hit one of Gardena’s many Korean barbecue joints first!

1630 West Redondo Beach Blvd.
Online: facebook.com/Negative8c-1635741263394971

photo: Teresita R. via Yelp

Holy Roly
This place just opened in May, so the vibe is hot as the rolls are cold. But brave the line and your kids will thank you. Holy Roly ice cream is made with organic milk, cream and sugar, and is free of stabilizers, preservatives, and emulsifiers. Double yum for the “French Toast” rolls, made with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries and topped with strawberry syrup and two chocolate-covered Pocky sticks. Mom and Dad might want to try the Matcha Tea Roll, which is made of Matcha ice cream topped with whipped cream and a gooey toasted marshmallow.

Note: Parking is tough, but there is valet parking if all else fails.

3450 W 6th St.
Online: holyroly.com

photo: Trnh K. via Yelp

The Freezin’ Point
Inland ice cream-lovers will be happy to crowd into this small Thai ice cream spot that serves up a variety of traditional Asian flavors (including green tea, ube, and pandan) as well as American favorites like cookies and cream and s’mores. They also have standalone orders of  Hong Kong egg waffles, which are basically giant, fluffy waffles served in a cup. Everyone raves about the Strawberry Cheesecake roll, which includes strawberry jam ice cream mixed with cheesecake bits and topped with strawberry chunks, strawberry syrup, strawberry Pocky sticks, and whipped cream.

Tip: If you don’t mind paying extra, spring for the color-changing cups that morph when cold. It’s worth it, especially for the under 10 crowd.

111 North Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park
Online: facebook.com/TheFreezinPoint

Have you tried rolled ice cream? Tell us how you liked it in the comments section below! 

— Melissa Heckscher


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