Fun fact: Griffith Park is over 5 times bigger than NY’s Central Park. With hikes, zoos, museums, beer (!), trains, playgrounds, ponies, golf, a carousel and lots more (all costing very little or nothing at all) it’s time to click through the slideshow and discover a baker’s dozen of the coolest places you just might not have visited in our gigantic urban forest.

Holy Hidden Cave, Batman!

In the middle of Hollywood (right by the Scientology Celebrity Center), you can turn off Franklin Ave. and drive up Canyon Dr. into the hills. Park in the lot at the end of the street and take the fire road path to the right. This short and not too steep path leads up to the Bronson Caves, where they filmed the 60’s Batman TV show. Kids love playing superhero in the shallow caves. Then you can go home and watch the hour long movie. Ka-Pow!

Bonus: Below the hiking path is Bronson Park, where there are two small (and blissfully shaded) playgrounds and plenty of tables where you can picnic before or after your bat-adventure.

Find It: 3200 Canyon Dr.
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photo: Al Pavangkanan via Creative Commons

What’s your favorite thing to do in Griffith Park?  We want to know!  Meet you in the comment section…

—Meghan Rose

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