Gluten-Free Dining Options in Los Angeles

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Dietary restrictions can make eating out difficult. Add fickle eaters into the mix and you might think you’re at a loss for dining options. Thankfully, gluten-free options have become more popular in the past few years and more restaurants are now offering gluten-free choices on their menus. Many restaurants can also substitute orders, making them gluten-free, so don’t be afraid to ask! Now take a break from cooking and visit some of our kid-friendly favorites eateries around Los Angeles.

The Yard House
800 W Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, Ca
We tip our hat to any restaurant where parents want to order off the kid’s menu. Enjoy mouth-watering American cuisine while you rock out to the music playing through the speakers. Couple that with several options for gluten sensitive diners and what’s not to love?

Breakaway Bakery
5264 W Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, Ca
Your sweet tooth will be calling to you when you enter this boutique bakery. The Lil’ Chocolate Mint Scouties and Raspberry & Apricot Pinches are scrumptious, and the kids are sure to love the piping hot chocolate.

The Veggie Grill
720 S. Allied Way, El Segundo, Ca
Nothing tastes better than a burger, and you can rest assured that you’re getting something healthy and satisfying. Be sure to try the favorite “Sweetheart” sweet potato fries and chocolate pudding for dessert (gluten-free of course.)

Zankou Chicken
5065 W Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, Ca
When every item on the menu (minus the pita bread and tabbouleh salad) is gluten free how can you go wrong? Never mind the fact that kids go crazy for any kind of food involving a stick.

Buddah’s Belly
205 Broadway, Santa Monica, Ca
Take a culinary trip across Asia at this family-friendly establishment. Enjoy an extensive menu of Asian-fusion dishes while reveling in the Feng Shui-designed dining area. The staff is very accommodating with dietary and gluten sensitive requests. You too will be rubbing your belly with content.

The Sensitive Baker
10836 1/2 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, Ca
Cut a slice of their homemade Vegan Oat Loaf or snack on an Oatmeal Coconut cookie. With so many sweet and savory options, knowing that it’s gluten-free makes it taste that much better!

Pizza Fusion
2901 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, Ca
7950 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, Ca
Pizza Fusion offers a generous gluten-free menu from pizza and beer to gluten-free, melt-in-your-mouth brownies. Their pizza crust consists of a mixture of garbanzo bean, fava bean and rice flour. They also use gluten-free pizza sauce and cheese. Delicious.

Interim Cafe
530 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, Ca
A hidden gem, this place has that “mom and pop” feel while still boasting an impressive gluten-free menu selection. The smoothies are to die for, and the Manchego Melt is nothing but cheese, tomato, basil, and artichoke goodness. It’s the perfect spot for a healthy lunch or an early dinner.

12851 Riverside Drive, Studio City, CA
With so many options, your little ones will be hard-pressed to find something they won’t eat. Their breakfast options are healthy and filling (try the recommended oatmeal frittata) and for those who like larger breakfasts, try the desayuno fuerte or pancakes–both are excellent.

New gluten-free dining options are opening up all the time! Let us know if we missed any in a comment below.