Just Opened: Donut Friend is Your New Best Friend

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We blend spinach into their smoothies.  Convince them we ate kale as kids too. (Please.  We so didn’t.)  We even have them believing that weird gelatinous consistency that chia takes on is normal. (It isn’t, is it?)  So sometimes it’s nice to just let them live life as Tony The Tiger taught us, and indulge in dessert at its most decadent.  The cupcake trend halts here folks – a new friend is stepping up to the plate.  Destination: Donut Friend.


With friends like these, who needs cronuts?
Watch what happens when the kids catch wind of the drill here.  Hole-in-one happiness, eyes light up like a stadium.  It’s not just donuts – it’s the ability to concoct and create and (wait for it) EAT the donut they dare not dream up before.  The Do-It-Yourself dynasty has claimed another.  Remember froyo, pre-Pinkberry?  Us neither.  Grab your kids.  It’s a revolution in the round.


Your new friend is so creative!
Sprinkles and cinnamon.  Lemon curd and fresh mint.  Apricot and almond butter.  It’s okay to dream in donut.  In fact, Donut Friend encourages the creativity in concocting that custard filled caramel covered cake with the cookie crumbles of your fantasies.  The donut geniuses giving rise to the do-it-yourself trend have taken it to perhaps its most delicious platform.  Dream up a donut and roll with it baby.  Best new friend a round.


Like Cold Stone.  Only without the cold or the stone And waaaaaay better.
Choose your donut.  Choose your filling.  Choose your glaze.  Choose your toppings.  We get excited just typing about it.  Kids, you’ll have to peel from the ceiling.  Traditional options abound, but for the fantastical foodie within, forget about it.  Ricotta and quince.  Cayenne Pepper and thyme.  Hazelnuts, Manchego, and how could we forget bacon?  Apparently those fifteen minutes still aren’t up.


Round of Applause.
The options!  It really is enough to put your synapses into overdrive.  Especially when everything smells like the place dessert gets sent to for good behavior.  Donut fret sugar craving friends.  If customizing is more than you (or your sidekick) can handle, the pre-created compilations are culinary choreography at it’s most custardy, crumbled-topped apex – each one a tribute to eating the dream, one silly good bite at a time.


Literacy they can eat. 
It’s human nature (and the kids aren’t immune) – if it’s interesting, we want to read about it.  The menu here is universally irresistible. The “Jets to Basil Donut”: goat cheese, strawberry jam, and fresh basil inside a traditional donut, topped with sugar glaze and a balsamic reduction.  Yes please.  And graphically speaking, the custom designed font dares you to take your eyes off it.  It’s like a cartoon character.  The good kind you actually want to watch with your kids.  So think of this as a reading adventure, if it soothes your sugar-free guilt.


They might put Oreos on lemon glaze.
Or opt for a traditional sprinkle of rainbows on top of Vanilla Bean.  But the hands down favorite for our crew: “Lemon Weapon”.  Lemon curd, blueberry compote, and as a piece de resistance, fresh mint inside a traditional donut, topped with sugar glaze.  The adults amongst us in no way minded the “GG Almond”, with its Gruyere and honey, topped with sugar glaze and toasted almond.  Nobody suffered.  Not a one.

But Moms Can’t Live on Donuts Alone.
Must.  Have. Coffee.  Their brew of choice?  Klatch Coffee.  While not as well known as your Intellegentsia, Blue Bottle or Stumptown, we’re here to tell you, it sure does a donut well.


For our gluten free friends . . .
They don’t exactly have your back, but they give it a solid effort.  They don’t make a traditionally gluten free donut per se, but they do make a wheat flourless variety in the hope that this works for their gluten free fans.  So depending on your sensitivity level, you can do (or not do) with that what you will.  Or won’t. But we can tell you it’s a tasty option, if you’re trying to avoid the wheat.


Fun fact:
Got a music maven amongst you?  Bacon 182 is not just a clever name.  Donut Friend founder Mark Trombino produced multi-platinum albums for Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182 before making the donut dream a reality.  Now Jimmy has something even better to eat.  Why dominate one career path when you can dominate two?  Take note kids.

Another fun fact:
Should you happen to have a child enamored with garbage trucks (tell us we’re not alone here), en route you pass what appears to be the place where garbage trucks convene when they’re not out doing their jobs.  Maybe one hundred green garbage trucks, parked for the day.  Why is this interesting?  Ask your kids.  Fine.  Ask ours.  (This Disneyland of Garbage Trucks is visible where the 110 & 5 freeways intersect.)

Donut time, and the parking is easy.
You might have to circle the block a time or two, but something will open up.  And we appreciate how this is one of the few remaining places in the city where meters are still exempt on Sundays.  With product and novelty as this, we don’t expect the lines to die down anytime soon, but they move fast, and the donut creating and consuming experience more than compensates.


Donut Friend
5107 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Phone: (213) 995-6191
Online: donutfriend.com

Written and photographed by Jolie Loeb

Who knew?  Donuts are like Palm trees, sunshine and traffic in LA – ubiquitous.  We’ve got a million great spots.   What’s your fave?

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