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If you have a Peanuts fan or a mini-fashionista in your house, dash to The Beverly Center for an unusual, fun and limited-time-only exhibition. “Snoopy and Belle in Fashion” just opened this week and is your chance to see the most lovable beagle on the planet and his sister Belle outfitted by designers from around the globe. From classics like Giorgio Armani to punk influenced Betsey Johnson, here is your chance to see Snoopy in a whole new light.

snoopy_betseyphoto: Betsey Johnson Snoopy by LeTania Kirkland Smith

The Origins of Fashion Snoopy
The origins of the Snoopy as Fashion Icon began in 1968, when Snoopy was plucked from the pages of Charles M. Schulz “Peanuts” comic strip and first turned into a cuddly plush doll by Determined Productions. It wasn’t long before fans started requesting outfits for their new “lovies” and the company responded with a line of outfits.


photo: Anna Sui for Snoopy

Soon after Snoopy’s sister, Belle was introduced as her brother’s plush accompaniment. If you don’t know her back story you should know that she lived in Paris where she was one with the fashion scene.

le_snobphoto: LE SNOB for Snoopy

Belle came complete with an entire wardrobe. In the early 1980’s Connie Boucher from Determined Productions approached a host of top designers to create one-of-a-kind creations for Snoopy and Belle. The result was years of world tours for the beloved beagle duo.

snoopy_ninjaphoto: LeTania Kirkland Smith

In With the New
Snoopy and Belle in Fashion is a revisiting of the original Snoopy in Fashion. An incredible and diverse line of designers have created unique pieces for Snoopy and his Sis, which are now revamped as 10″ vinyl dolls. If you’ve got a budding fashionista, they’ll love to take a look around and see how high fashion can play out in petite sizes.  Everyone loves dress up for themselves and their dollies, and this is an example everyone in the family can enjoy. Some designers like Betsey Johnson designed pieces for the original plush toys as well as the new vinyl. (And her dolls are complete with piercings and tattoos in homage to her own 1980’s punk rock days.)

snoopy_boydancingphoto: LeTania Kirkland Smith

Let the kids explore and reimagine the Snoopy they think they know. From dancer Snoopy designed by Danskin to a Space-Aged astronaut Snoopy and Belle (think David Bowie meets Peanuts) intricately designed by the Dutch jeweler Royal Asscher and Pluma where Snoopy and Belle come complete with authentic diamond noses. Escape to Snoopy Land; it’s a happy places where you call can’t help but smile.

snoopy_kidsphoto: LeTania Kirkland Smith

There’s an App for That
Whether the family isn’t able to soak in everything as long as they like or if they just can’t get enough information, you can download the free Snoopy and Belle in Fashion app and get all the info you every wanted. Just click on the images and get the back story on each designed duo. The app also comes complete with original sketches, the stories of Snoopy, Belle and their creator Charles M. Schulz.  So if anyone is antsy, you can take it all in in person and then read up at home!  You can get the app on the website:

snoopy_gownphoto: LeTania Kirkland Smith

Hurry! Snoopy Has to Go to NYFW
Snoopy and Belle in Fashions runs through Sunday March 12 at the Beverly Center, on the 6th floor, right in the middle of everything. It’s free and no tickets are required, just swing by in the middle of shopping! The hours are Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. and  Sunday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. From there it will tour around the country until it lands in New York City for Fashion Week. Get there while it lasts.  It’s super fun to see the snazziest plush pups in the country in person!

The Beverly Center
8500 Beverly Blvd.

What’s your favorite version of Snoopy?  Let us know in the comment section!

—LeTania Kirkland Smith

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