70+ Mad Scientist Experiments for Freaky Deaky Fun

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The leaves are turning colors, sweater weather is upon us and, drumroll, please … fall is here. Before spending countless hours clicking through Pinterest and Instagram for inspo, start your holiday celebration with a few crazy-cool science experiments. Yep, these all-out awesome ideas are straight out of a mad scientists lab! Scroll down to find your favorite.

11 Bubbling Potions

They bubble. They fizz. And they're all kinds of ooey, gooey fun. What better way to play the role of the mad scientist than with 11 different potion-filled experiments? These ideas include everything from fizzy fairy potions and witch's brew to rainbow concoctions and glittering galaxies. Read more about how to mix up your very own potion lab here

6 Ways to Get Glowing

Halloween science? Your kiddo can get glowing with these cool, but kind-of-creepy mad science experiments. Turn out the lights, tell a not-so-scary ghost story and watch as these awesome explorations glow brightly in the night. Learn more about creating all things that glow with six, easy how-to ideas and instructions

35 Experiments Like Exploding Pumpkins

By now you've probably parented for long enough to have tried the good ol' baking soda and vinegar volcano more than a few times. This fall-themed take on the classic, is a science exploration that will make a mess in the most magnificent way possible! Click here for the how-to, plus got 35 more madly amazing experiments to keep your laboratory full of fun. 


photo: Brittany Randolph via Flickr

8 Disgusting Ways to Play with Science

From spit to boogers to germs, we've got eight oozy, gross science experiments we guarantee they will love. 

photo: Erica Loop

Super-Slimy Stuff

We all know that slime-making is THE activity of choice for many, maaaany kids. Hey, it's fun all year-round. But when Halloween rolls around, slime science kicks up to another (decidedly creepier) level. Whether your kids are into fluffy slime, chalkboard slime, glowing slime, glitter slime or just about any other crazy concoction, you can find a bounty of recipes from Little Bins for Little Hands here

Pumpkin Science

It's fall and Halloween is right around the corner. And that means pumpkins are plentiful. Along with painting, carving and otherwise decorating your pumpkins, you can use the squashy gourds as part of majorly mad science experiments. You'll find several tutorials for pumpkin science activities over at iGame Mom

11 Freaky Fall Favorites

Science for the season equals fab fall fun! So get ready for your mini mad scientist to make a major mess (in a totally educational way, of course). Your science-loving kid can experiment with oil and water, learn about tissue paper color transfers, get ooey gooey with a pumpkin's insides, make perfectly messy pumpkin-canons and so, so, so much more with these 11 autumn explorations, activities and science ideas. 

Mad Mason Jars

Okay, okay, so we all kind of equate mason jar activities with the cute crafts on Pinterest. But you can use these jars for sooooooo much more. Forget about the crafty jar projects (at least for right now), and check out these, "slimy, squishy, super-cool experiments." Try these mason jar science experiments are activities anytime or add them to your Halloween party line-up!

—Erica Loop



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