This Mom-Founded Org Wants to Help You Spread Kindness in Your Community…with Lasagna!

Lasagna Love

There’s nothing like a warm meal delivered to your doorstep, especially in times of need. Lasagna Love is a national grassroots movement of kindness and support that connects neighbors through homemade meal delivery.

The idea came about in the spring when Rhiannon Menn began delivering homemade lasagnas to families in her community who were struggling when the pandemic hit. 

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Lasagna Love

In just under eight months, Lasagna Love has spread across 47 states in America (including major metros: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, New York, San Diego and San Francisco), delivered over 8,000 meals and is supported by 4,000+ “Lasagna Mamas” and “Lasagna Papas.”

“To accomplish these milestones in such a short window of time is a huge testament to the impact of Lasagna Love,” said Menn. “We are reaching more families at a time when food insecurity is skyrocketing and with non-profit status, now have the ability to gain additional funding through employer matching, Amazon Smile, and countless other avenues. All of this has been achieved organically along with personal passion from our volunteers who share a profound desire to give with purpose. Lasagna Love is highlighting a level of overlooked humanity that crosses every boundary.” 

Lasagna Love

Lasagna Love came about from a desire to help others without expectation of gratitude or reciprocation. Menn said, “Kindness has a network effect, which in turn, strengthens our communities. If we’re able to shift our perspective, to give grace and see possibility instead of focusing on what we’ve lost or what we wish we had…the entire fabric of our being is changed. Lasagna Love volunteers are setting a renewed tone around giving without judgement or divisiveness. Their generosity of spirit is seeding a behavior shift with neighbors focusing on the needs of community members without qualification, and empowering others to ask for help without fear of being deemed undeserving.” 

It’s easy to become a Lasagna “Mama” or “Papa” and there is no commitment or expectation for giving. Signups and donations can be managed directly from Lasagna Love’s website. 

Lasagna Love

Lasagna Love isn’t exclusively focused on delivering home-cooked meals. It aims to normalize asking for help which is something that doesn’t always come easily. “The more frequently we message that it’s OK to ask for help, the more likely we are to shift the narrative around asking when we need it,” said Menn. 

To establish additional funding to support meal deliveries to families in need, the Lasagna Love online store features Lasagna Love-branded merchandise including aprons, hats, face masks, onesies, stickers and car signs.

“Our volunteers are embracing a reality of zero judgement, open heart, and giving without any expectation of appreciation,” said Menn. “When our volunteers deliver a meal, it doesn’t just have an impact in that moment. What we’ve learned over time is that recipient families are often inspired to pay it forward and help those around them when they can. Some are even inspired to become Lasagna Mamas and Papas themselves.” 

To join the Lasagna Love movement, donate, or to purchase Lasagna Love-branded merchandise, visit

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Lasagna Love



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