McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal Buckets Are Back This Year

McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal Buckets McDonald's

The ’80s are calling—and bringing back Halloween buckets

If you’re a child of the ’80s or ’90s, you likely got your hands on a McDonald’s Happy Meal Halloween bucket whenever spooky season rolled around. Every kid who ordered a Happy Meal in the weeks leading up to the big day was served their tasty menu items in coveted buckets shaped like pumpkins, witches, and ghosts. The collectibles returned to huge fanfare in 2022, and McDonald’s has announced they’ll be back for 2023, with an additional boo bucket character to go mad for.

You can officially get your hands on them starting October 17.

Happy Meals will be served in pails instead of traditional boxes for two weeks. The pails also double as meal toys, so if your kids haven’t experienced these yet, let them know this is the toy. It’s hard to believe these debuted 37 years ago!

In years past, each bucket was sold for a solid week leading up to Halloween, and you could strategically make three trips and get a different bucket each time to complete your collection.

With just two-ish weeks between the release date and Oct. 31, you may be hitting up a bunch of different McDonalds and scarfing down a ton of Happy Meals to get one of each: a monster, a skeleton, a mummy, and the newly added vampire.

They even resemble the OG buckets, which had molded and shaped lids. Let’s hope the re-release does our ’80s buckets a solid and we avoid the early 2000s pail catastrophe.

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