Meet Tobi Robot Smartwatch: A Cool New Smartwatch Designed Just for Kids

Imagine you could hire an assistant to teach your kids to tell time, play learning games with them, help them with time management and encourage them to be active. Welcome to the future! Screens are fun, but a smartwatch? Now that’s just cool. Combine the intelligence and interactive features of a smartwatch with a personality-packed robot character, Tobi, and now you’ve got the hot new toy for kids ages 4-8! Read to learn why your kids will be begging for this smartwatch soon (and why it’s so worth it!).

The future is here—get your Tobi Robot Smartwatch now!

What Is a Tobi Robot Smartwatch?

Tobi Robot Smartwatch is a full-function smartwatch designed just for kids. It has everything you’d expect in a watch (clock, stopwatch, alarm clock) along with tons of cool surprises like two cameras and built-in games! Everything about the watch screams “kid friendly”, from the easy-to-use touchscreen to its durability to a super-simple micro-USB cable charger. 

Wow. Tobi sounds cool. Why is Tobi Robot Smartwatch so cool?

Glad you asked! Here are four things that really makes this technology a must have:

1. Exciting Games

Banish “I’m bored” from your kiddo’s vocabulary with the help of fun games that come preloaded on each Tobi Robot Smartwatch. There’s an augmented reality Search & Seek game, learning games and dancing activity game, to name a few! While they play, they’ll also unlock interactive rewards that add to the fun and encourage them to play longer.

2. Camera Fun

Get your phone back by giving your kids their own way to safely take photos! Tobi Robot Smartwatch has two built-in cameras that let kids take selfies, record video and take photos, and even lets them add silly stickers to their photos—all on their smartwatch! You can download the photos and videos using the micro-USB cable charger, but Tobi Robot Smartwatch has room for 3,000 photos or 30 minutes of video all on its own. 

3. Active Play

Tobi Robot Smartwatch has a motion sensor and built-in pedometer so your active kid can see just how much they move each day. For a little motivation, Tobi Robot Smartwatch also has a dance activity game and a fun, interactive robot that’ll encourage your kids to move more!

4. Customization and Creativity

Now that they've seen you swap the background on your electronic device, your child wants to do the same. Luckily, Tobi Robot Smartwatch lets your child personalize their smartwatch with over 50 watch faces to choose from! Along with customizing their photos with fun stickers, they can also decorate Tobi’s virtual room with creative decorations and can discover more ways to make their smartwatch one of a kind. 

Oh, did we mention that it’s also splashproof and durable enough for kid’s tough play, indoors and out? 

The future is here—get your Tobi Robot Smartwatch now!


– Jamie Aderski and Kenzie Kramer


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