Got a Crying Baby? This Book May Help

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One of Japan’s top baby books is coming to America! Author and scientist Dr. Kazuo Hiraki created a colorful book that will grab your kiddo’s attention and may even settle your crying baby!

Moimoi features bold designs that are scientifically proven to hold baby’s attention nearly twice as long other other shapes. The University of Tokyo Baby Lab studied infant eye motions and brain activity. The result was a colorful children’s board book, featuring shapes, sounds, and more.

photo courtesy of The Experiment

What is moimoi? Moi, pronounced like koi, is a nonsense word that will quickly become one of your baby’s fave sounds. Not only will the bullseye-like colorful shapes completely engage your child’s attention, Moimoi may soothe them too.

This high-contrast children’s book has already sold over 500,000 copies in Japan. Moimoi—Look at Me! (written by Kazuo Hiraki and illustrated by Jun Ichihara) makes its American debut Mar. 30, 2021. The board book for babies retails for $7.95. Visit The Experiment Publishing for more information on the Moimoi series and pre-orders or visit Amazon.

If your littles enjoy Moimoi—Look at Me!, Moimoi, Where Are You? will make its grand debut Spring of 2022.

—Erica Loop



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