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If you’ve ever spent any time with a toddler, you know how much wear and tear they put on their clothes. Between the sticky spills, muddy falls and enthusiastic way they often mistake their t-shirts for paper (thank the Lord for washable markers!), it’s amazing they ever get more than one wear out of anything they own.

So when you find toddler clothes that not only look great but last, too, it’s something to get excited about. And when they’re made by moms, you just have to share. Here are some of our favorite mom-made clothing brands that we think you (and your kiddos) will love.

Beet World

For parents who love timeless clothes that still feel fresh and modern (think Laura Ingalls Wilder meets the 21st century), there's Beet World. Each piece starts with nature-inspired prints, colors and patterns on soft, natural fabrics. The final product is playful tops, bottoms and rompers that are just as comfortable on the playground as they are for a special occasion. For fans of giving back, it’s great to know that Beet World contributes to charities that empower women and kids, and works to take care of our planet.

It’s hard to go wrong with the Molly dress when the weather’s warm, and the playful Summer Bloom tiered skirt is always a twirly hit with kids.


Mochi Kids

If graphic tees with kawaii-cute neutral designs are what you’re after, you can find them at Mochi Kids, a rad company started by a mom of three. Each hand-screen printed design features playful characters that are just as charming to kids as they are to parents. Sushi, donuts and a sweet worm with a big personality will surely win over their hearts—and yours.

The Kawaii Donut Baseball tee captures the spirit of kiddom, while the Number tees are great for birthdays or family photo ops.


Posh Peanut

With unique patterns that capture your tot’s personality and soft fabrics that remind you of those snuggly, bygone baby days, Posh Peanut is the place to find silky bamboo fabric rompers, dresses and pajamas. Started by mom-to-two Fiona Sahakian, the brand combines practicality with stylish designs so your little one can be as fashion-forward as you are.

Soft, breathable pajamas will keep your kids sleeping through the night. We’re fans of the Fiona and Flint patterns.


Miles and Milan

It turns out toddler fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. Miles and Milan prove it with their simple black, white and grey-colored tees and pants that blend simple design elements with comfort so your toddler can run, skip and jump through the day in comfort. These extra-soft pieces were made for play; test-run them at your local playground (we swear they’ll hold up). However you mix and match these monochromatic-minded pieces, they always look good together.

The signature Happy Tee will make every kid smile, especially when paired with the Quin jogger.



Little Lark

At the intersection of nature and science, you'll find cute kid tees from Little Lark. Each one brings a playful and inspired angle to the natural elements featured on the shirts—whether it's a solar eclipse, an elusive fox or an erupting volcano. The patterns are printed on organic cotton shirts that are easy to mix and match with pants you already have. The fact that some are glittery metallics? That's just a toddler bonus.

We’re crushing on the not-so-matchy-matchy Mommy and Me Hemlock Tree tees.


Bash + Sass

Because kids love characters and parents love raising great kids, there’s Bash + Sass, a kids clothing brand focused on minimalist design and promoting important social values. While we love the thoughtful design of each piece—parents will find some truly intriguing cuts and gorgeous gender-neutral naturals here—we might love the monster characters a bit more. Each collection features a different cute companion who embodies a particular social value (think: spontaneity, confidence or optimism) and peeks out from pockets on pants and shirts. A sweet reminder to the next generation, for sure!

The Tank romper is the perfect play wear, and the Denim Pullover hoodie keeps kids just right in the changing temps of spring.



Made locally in the L.A. area, this clothing brand is all about the ABCs. The whole collection is focused on the basics, giving parents plenty of mix-and-match options that will look (and feel) great, no matter what your toddler pulls out of the drawer that morning. Add in toxic-free, low-impact dyes and certified organic cotton, and you can truly feel good about the clothes your kiddo is sporting.

Mild weather calls for the tie-dye Funnel jacket with an eye-catching asymmetric zip.


Saint Haven

If you’ve got a sensory-sensitive kid, you know how hard finding clothes can be. Whether it’s tags that itch or fabrics that feel off, some kids need shirts, pants and dresses without distractions to get through the day. Enter Saint Haven with its special fabric softening non-toxic enzyme dip that makes clothes feel just right. The fact that each piece is also designed without tags, buttons or stealthy itchy seams is another thoughtful touch.

Check out the All Day shirt dress for something different or the All Day joggers that pair with pretty much everything.


Primary Clothing

An oldie but a goodie, Primary Clothing was created by two moms in search of alternatives to the slogan-heavy, often sequined, clothing available when they were raising their kids. Now Primary Clothing is known for its bright colors, bold designs and pieces that hold up over the years. It’s where to find basic pieces in every color of the rainbow (and then some), plus jammies, swimsuits, socks and jackets.

The Graphic Tee with Rainbow Stripe is a great staple for every little one's wardrobe.



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