A frustrated mom posted a TikTok video when the neighbors’ kids used her family’s playhouse without permission—and it’s divided the internet

Growing up in the early ’90s, my siblings and I treated the whole neighborhood like it was our backyard. We joined all the other local kids, roving around on our bikes, moving from one yard to another, never paying much attention to things like property lines. But the thing was, we were always all together, so at least one person who lived on each property was present. A frustrated mom took to TikTok when her neighbors’ kids came over to use her family’s playhouse when her kids weren’t even there, and she wants to know if she’s overreacting or if these kids are seriously entitled.

“Do other people’s neighbors do this? We have an open backyard, which means that there’s no fences and we can’t put fences up because we don’t have a pool,” TikTok creator @s_hubby14 says in the beginning of her video, which she films through the window of her house. “So, our neighbors just come into our backyard and literally play on our structure and don’t ask us and they just play like they…. own it, like it’s a communal backyard just because we don’t have fences.”


She explains that she let it slide the first few times it happened because her own kids went outside to join the neighbors, but this time, the interlopers are out there alone and she’s creeped out.

“They have a pool. What if I just, what if they came home, and I was just in their f*cking pool? Like, this is so weird to me!” she says.

She also explains that she works in a law office, so she worries about the liability of the situation, which is what would concern me, too.

“What if one of them gets hurt? Then our homeowner’s insurance [is] the one that’s getting sued,” she says. Yep. That was my first thought, and that’s why if I were in her shoes, I would be politely but firmly telling these kids they can’t play in my yard without asking.

Of course, the comments were a bit divided. Some people told the mom this was a good opportunity to make friends in the neighborhood.

“Make friends with them and share each other’s park and pool any time,” one commenter wrote.

But many more were on the mom’s side, saying it’s her property, her rules.

“Nope. They gotta go,” one replied. And in this case, we agree.

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