This Mom’s Viral Post about Her Parenting “Yardstick” Is as Real as It Gets

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Not every day is going to be picture perfect when it comes to parenting, but it can sometimes feel like you’re expected to be winning 24/7 when you see happy, smiling families plastered all over social media. One mom’s viral Facebook post is an important reminder that some days aren’t perfect—and it’s totally okay.

Australian mom of four, Carly Hall, took to Facebook to share a picture of her kids at a local cafe. According to Yahoo! Sports, the caption accompanying the photo posted in a moms Facebook group explained that she was sharing “to cheer anyone up if they think they’re failing as a mum today.”

She continues, “I slept in and just couldn’t get my 7-year-old ready for school today. So she just didn’t go… then I got two of them slurpees, while the younger two slept, just so I could have a coffee in peace (on a separate table), and scroll through Facebook while ignoring them. Thought you might like to use this as a yardstick.”

Raise your hand if you can relate!

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The post received an overwhelming response with moms cheering her on for sharing an honest moment of parenting. “This is the stuff we do that stops us going nuts,” wrote one commenter. “It’s nice to see other mums sharing their not so ‘perfect’ days. There a lot of fake Instagram moments that can make us feel like we are really screwing up, when really, no one really has any real clue. We are all flying by the seats of our pants.”

Another person said, “I’m just impressed you got five people out of the house.” Preach.

“I was just hoping that the post would give a few mums a laugh, especially younger or first-time mums who are really hard on themselves,” Hall told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia. “I’m happy to be a lower benchmark for people and I also think people just enjoyed some realness.”

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It can be hard not to compare your own life with others in the era of social media and oversharing. Hall’s relatable post highlights the fact that we all struggle sometimes and we’re not alone.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Tina Franklin via Flickr



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