This TikTok mom went on “strike” after her husband claimed she “did nothing” around the house, and moms everywhere are taking note

Tired, overworked moms, your vindication is here. A Connecticut woman is going viral on TikTok after her husband accused her of doing “nothing around the house.” She went on strike, truly doing nothing around the house for three days, and filmed the result. And it is absolute perfection.

Perfectly set to Taylor Swift’s “Karma,” Lindsay Donnelly’s video pans around her house, showing the clutter, dirty dishes, human-sized piles of dirty laundry, and other messes that resulted from her meeting her husband’s expectations and doing nothing for a few days. To make things even better, she reveals that after her three days on strike, she left for a girls’ trip, so we can only assume her husband got even more of a comeuppance while he dealt with the house on his own.


Then I left town for a girls trip… #marriagehumor

♬ Karma (feat. Ice Spice) – Taylor Swift

It’s incredibly well-documented that women carry more of the emotional load, childcare duties, and household labor in the vast majority of heterosexual partnerships, so we love to see a man get proven absolutely wrong when he accuses his wife of slacking off.

What makes this story even better is Donnelly’s follow-up video, where she sits her husband down and cackles as she reveals that she made a TikTok video about the situation and that millions of people have watched it. She does also reveal that he already apologized for his comment, and he also sees the humor in millions of people seeing him be so incredibly wrong about his wife and her contributions to his life and home.


Replying to @kris he agreed that was a real 💩 thing to say

♬ original sound – Authentic Lindsay

“Somebody commented on my video that this is how you make invisible labor visible. And I thought it was brilliant,” Donnelly told Today. “I’m constantly tidying—I’m picking up shoes, I’m doing all these things that go unnoticed but add up to a lot.”

She also said that when she got back from her girls’ trip, hubby had cleaned up the house and her car, and was ready with an apology for his earlier comment.

“I was feeling frustrated and I directed that at her,” he said.

Donnelly added, “He really is an amazing husband. That was just one moment.”

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