There are two things that can easily ruin a family road trip: a bad case of the “are-we-there-yets” and car sickness. We can’t do much to help with the former, but one company has come up with a solution to the latter. New glasses for motion sickness could make long car rides a breeze…if you don’t mind their rather, um, unique styling.

European car manufacturer Citroën has come up with a pair of glasses that can help fight motion sickness. The lens-less glasses are cleverly dubbed SEETROËN. They work by creating an artificial horizon to look at while sitting in a bumpy car.

The glasses feature four rings that are filled with water, which responds to the cars movement the same way the fluid does in your inner ears. When the information from your inner ear doesn’t match what you see, that’s when motion sickness occurs. Seeing the artificial horizon slosh around helps alleviate this problem.

Citroën claims the glasses are 95 percent effective and the technology used to make them recently won a health innovation award. You can score a pair for your next road trip out in the company’s online shop and don’t wait––they sell out fast. They sell for ´€99, or approximately $115 USD.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Citroën via YouTube


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