Planning your summer vacation could mean enjoying a staycation while your kids are away thanks to a new family travel trend. Skip-gen travel, as the trend has been nicknamed, is when grandparents whisk the kids off as their travel companions and leave mom and dad behind.

With hectic work schedules, it can be hard to find enough time off to enjoy an extended family vacation, which could explain the growing popularity of skip-gen travel. Grandparents who are either working less or are fully retired are freer to take vacations than their millennial kids.

While traveling together as a family is an incredibly beneficial experience, these multigenerational vacations have their own set of perks. Parents might be left behind, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some fun of their own. Getting a little alone time can help reinforce your relationship with your spouse, and it’s completely guilt-free because the kids will be having a blast too. It also means that the youngest and oldest family members get some special bonding time and memory making your kids will cherish forever.

The only thing that can be tricky about skip-gen travel is finding a destination that is the right fit for both energetic kids and less-active grandparents. Theme parks, guided tours and cruises have become popular choices as they provide planned activities and meals, putting less pressure on grandparents.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Pexels


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