My Child and Our Dog: Best Friends For Life

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The old saying is that a dog is a man’s best friend. I think that old saying might also read that a dog is a child’s best friend.

Children and dogs simply go together, in so many ways, and so many reasons. Recently, my wife and I got our first dog for our family. After 22 years of marriage, we chose to bring a dog into the family mix, as we felt that one of our children would really benefit from a relationship with a dog. Without a doubt, our daughter is blossoming, due much in part to that relationship with her new best friend. Without a doubt, she has made a friend for life, and I think the dog has also made a lifelong friend, as well.

To be sure, not every dog is right for a child, and not every child is right for a dog. As a father of several children, it has become very apparent to me that not every child would benefit the same from having a dog. It is important for parents who are considering introducing a dog into their family unit to take time in trying to determine what dog is best for their family. The size, shape, and personality of the dog needs to be placed into consideration when choosing a dog for the family, and for the child.

For my youngest daughter, we found that a Pomsky was just right for her. This small and very affectionate dog fits just right in with my child. Both are full of energy and love to play, both are curious and loving at the same time. A perfect fit for our daughter.

My wife and daughter have begun to train our newest family member, and have used a variety of games to do so. Games such as Hide and Seek, Fetch, and even some variety of Tug games have allowed my daughter to not only introduce the dog to appropriate behavior in our home, but also allow the dog and my daughter to form a stronger relationship between the two of them, something that is both heartwarming for me as a father to watch, and also vital and essential for the entire family.

Sure, we have a little less money in our wallets after buying dog food. Yes, there are some holes dug into my perfect front yard. Yet, the smiles and laughter that come forth from my daughter as she plays with her new friend is well worth it. She has found her new best friend.

Dr. John DeGarmo has been a foster parent for 14 years, and he and his wife have had over 50 children come through their home. He is a consultant, speaker and trainer on many topics about the foster care system.