Definitive Proof That Dogs Are a Kid’s Best Friend


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They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but with the way our young ones love their furry pals so much (and how our furry pals love them back), a slight rewording to that classic phrase may be in order. We’ve uncovered some of the cutest kid/dog duos from around the web. Scroll down to see why this is one adorable pairing we’ll never get enough of.

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A photo posted by @dougandme on Feb 4, 2017 at 8:58am PST


We can’t stop clicking on all the so-so sweet dog and baby photos in
@dougandme’s feed. Says mama Meghan Corbett of Doug, the West Highland Terrier and Willow the wee one, “They are just like brother an and sister, happiest when they are together and never too far apart.” See more cute here

You’ve undoubtedly seen pictures of this too cute for words duo. #theoandbeau by @mommasgonecity chronicles the beauty of a boy and his furry buddy, who have been inseparable since. And now with lil’ sister Evie in the mix, you can catch up with the “new nap time season” at #theoandevie.

mandy-cutenessphoto: Mandy Hale 

Rocky the Wonder Pup
Red Tricycle’s very own VP of Operations Mandy Hale can prove that her daughter’s new best friend, Rocky, is way better than a stuffed animal for hugs. We pretty much can’t stop snuggling that little guy ourselves when we’re lucky enough to see him in the office. And we’ve never met a calmer puppy. Must be all the love and attention.


This almost-2-year-old, Toronto-based cockapoo makes us squee with every picture, but this one of Lilly with her human cousin had us melting left and right. Definitive proof that dogs and kids belong together? Yes, we think so. Check out Lily’s adorable adventures
@theycallmelillybear’s IG feed here.

Gotta be where my girls are.

A photo posted by Charlie (@charliegoldendoodledahlin) on Feb 6, 2017 at 1:31pm PST


Oh, Charlie. You’ve got it all. You’ve got the faithfulness of a golden retriever and the charm of a standard poodle. Photographer and mama
@valoryjean says of her kiddos relationship with Charlie: “It’s magical. They feel so safe with him around and they love to cuddle on him. And he loves their attention. He is pretty big, but that’s all they have ever known. They lay on him, hug him, give him kisses. And he loves every bit of attention.” Follow all of Charlie’s daily adventures @charliegoldendoodledahlin.  

When kids meet doodles, cuteness ensues. #kidsanddogs #photoshoottoday #momlife #mompreneur #mompreneurlife #redtricycle #typicalsunday

A photo posted by Entrepreneur + Mom in SF (@jacquiboland) on Sep 19, 2016 at 12:25pm PDT


And speaking of Goldendoodles, our CEO Jacqui Boland has not one but two of these cuties: Dipper and Marshmellow and they make regular trips to the Red Tricycle headquarters. This day we had some super-sweet visiting kiddos in our office and the dogs and kids couldn’t get enough of each other.


Who doesn’t love a Boston Terrier? Even if you don’t already have one in your life to adore, once you check out @boston_billie you will be converted. Bostons have a particular photogenic quality and Billie’s is off the charts. We’re insta-fans and we think you will be too! Click here to see more.

We love this snuggle moment captured by our own Spoke Contributor Network Editor, Leah Singer, of her family—which includes her daughter and two pups. Casey, a Beagle and American Eskimo mix and Cody, a Boxer Shepard mix are rarely far away from 9-year-old Sophie. Keep up with their adventures here.

What began as a side by side photo comparison of lil’ Ella and Boston Terrier Charlie wearing the same hat blew up into a 100 day project for mom-tographer @jhphoto. From outfits, scenery to poses, these two cute family members make our hearts go “aw” in the best way. Click here to see more adorable “matching” photos.

zerophoto: prolificsalo via imgur

Zero and River
When little River was born, Zero self-proclaimed himself as her protector. Reddit user prolificsalo shows exactly how much this four-legged family member loved their plus-on in this photo album here. You’ll see that Zero is never far from his favorite human.

uzF0fkcphoto: banpei via imgur

The Troublemakers
Dubbed “The Troublemakers” by Imgurian and dad banpei, Wilbur the Corgi and his young gal-pal are known for always keeping each other company. Even when daddy’s little girl couldn’t walk, Wilbur stayed by her side, and when she could… chaos ensured (like tearing open Christmas presents). See the journey here.

Zoey and Jasper are as thick as peas in a pod. Their talented mom, Grace Chon, came up with the idea to dress them in matching clothes for the camera, and the results were a heart warming photo series that we can’t get enough of. Follow her on Instagram for more amazing photos of dogs, food and cute babies.

Friends to the end. #dogsofinstagram #puppylove

A photo posted by Amber Guetebier (@aguetebier) on May 20, 2016 at 8:43am PDT

Red Tricycle’s Daily Editor, Amber Guetebier, has a recent addition to the family: Iris—a blue-eyed Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix. Iris became an instant bestie to her young son. “They both have a slow-morning temperament. Slow to wake up and in need of lots of cuddles.” It’s a match.

Who’s your favorite dog-kid duo? Share them in the comments below!

Feature photo courtesy Valory Jean Photography.

—Christal Yuen & Amber Guetebier

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