50 Nature-Inspired Baby Names—Boys, Girls & Unisex

Share your love of the great outdoors with your baby through a name inspired by nature. From flower and tree names to seasons and stunning landscape features, this list covers the most beautiful and unique baby names inspired by natural elements. Nature lovers, this one’s for you. Also, be sure to check out or names inspired by travel, outer space and books.


Listen up, rockers. Wood from the alder tree is used to make electric guitars, so this Old English name is perfect for music fans.

A Hebrew name meaning happy, Ash is the name of a flowering tree. It's also a more modern form of the names Ashley and Ashby.

Another tree, this gender-neutral name reminds people of both this beautiful tree and the popular ski area in Colorado.

This Latin word means "of woods" and is typically used as a girl's name. Call her Auty for short.

This unisex name means berry in Latin and joins Lake, Brooke and Ocean as popular water names.

Disney fans will know that Briar Rose is another name for Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty. It also means rose bush.

From Latin, meaning to sprout, this beautiful girls name is also a climbing plant.

This popular girls name means a small stream. For a more gender-neutral name, go with Brooklyn. Or Brooks for a boy.

Cassia has Greek origins and means cinnamon. The bark from a cassia tree makes a spice similar to cinnamon.

Cedar is a durable, aromatic wood that's gaining in popularity as a unisex baby name, along with Ash and Oak.

The name means of the earth and works as both a boy or girl name.

This boy's name works on its own or as a nickname for Clifford or Clifton.

Meaning meadow flower, this sweet name is especially great for someone with Irish heritage.


A popular girls name since Victorian times, Coral joins other jewels like Opal, Ruby and Ruby as retro-cool names.

Meaning small bay, Cove is a unisex name gaining in popularity.

Another tree name, Cypress is of Greek origin and means strong and adaptable.

Meaning valley in Old English, Dale is a popular nature name for both boys and girls.

Popular as a girls name since the 1920s, Dawn means first sunlight, as does Aurora, Zora and Roxana.

A popular name for girls and boys, this tree name works on its own or could be a nickname for Elwood or Elmer.

This name means spark and conjures memories of warm and cozy fires.

A gender-neutral name and the name of earth's highest mountain, it's perfect for hikers.

French origin, meaning young deer. Super popular in the 1960s and 70s, it now has a retro charm.

French for flower, Fleur is a popular baby name, along with Daisy, Rose and Lily.

Like Fleur, Flora also means flower and is the name of the Roman goddess of springtime.

This Old English name means stream and is also a form of the mineral quartz. It's used to start fires and make tools.


Forest (or Forrest)
It peaked in popularity in the late 1800s and early 1900s and is now gaining in popularity again.

Glen (or Glenn)
Another name that means valley, Glen is declining in popularity, making it a more unique name for your child.

This spring flower has beautiful blooms in blue, purple, pink, red or white. Other spring flower names include Tulip and Daffodil.

Meaning island, this name has become trendy in recent years. For a more unique baby name, consider Islay, Ila or Islah.

The Romans made ivy wreaths to symbolize fidelity and marriage, as well as prosperity and charity.

A popular gemstone name, like Ruby and Amber, Jade is a green stone that has Spanish origins as a name.

This small evergreen shrub is typically used for girls. Other girl tree names include Laurel, Willow, Magnolia and Hazel.

Used for both boys and girls, Lake joins Brooke, Ocean and River as popular water-based baby names.

This Latin name refers to the laurel tree. Ancient Romans used a wreath made from laurel to represent success and peace.

Linden flowers are used in health remedies, and this unisex name is more unique than other tree names.

Growing in popularity along with other tree names like Juniper and Pine, Maple has a sweetness thanks to its association with syrup.

A serene name meaning grassy field, Meadow gained popularity in the 1960s, along with other nature names like Sky.

Oak trees symbolize strength and solidarity, making it a mighty name for your babe.


A water name used for both boys and girls, Ocean comes from the Ancient Greek name Oceanus.

An English name that used to be used primarily on redheads, a reed is a slender grass growing near wet areas.

Like Cliff, the name Ridge is a strong male name and is currently rising in popularity.

Like Ocean and Bay, River is a water name gaining traction in the US as a baby name.

Whether you're a music lover or a fan of Rock Hudson or The Rock, this name joins Stone as a boy name.

A unisex name meaning wise in Latin, Sage is also the name of a perennial mint used to cleans rooms of negativity and promote healing.

Meaning treeless plain in Spanish, this romantic name also represents Savannah, Georgia.

Sky (or Skye)
A gender-neutral name beloved by hippie parents, Sky is mostly used for girls.

Like Autumn and Winter, Summer is a season name growing in popularity for girls.

Terra (or Tierra)
Terra means earth in Latin and the name of the Roman earth goddess.

This tree is associated with grace and joins Juniper, Aspen and Acacia as popular wood names.

Bird lovers might choose Wren for a unisex baby name. Other options include Robin and Lark.

—Eva Ingvarson Cerise


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