This New Mom Skincare Line Is Pure Bliss (& Safe for Nursing Moms, Too)

Mommy skin care line
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Being pregnant can come with lots of limitations but mamas to be can rejoice over the new mom skincare line, by Visha Skincare. All products are sulfate and paraben-free, and completely safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It’s perfect for dry and sensitive skin, which pretty much defines nine months of pregnancy (hello huge, stretched-out belly).

The Mommy Skin Care line is brought to us by Memphis-based dermatologist, Purvisha Patel, who developed Visha Skincare to be a toxin-free and cosmeceutical-grade brand. The Mommy Line includes a Mommy Bright Eye Booster, brightener, purifying cleanser and the Bump 2 Baby body balm to combat eczema and stretch marks.

Mommy skin care line

Photo Courtesy Visha Skincare


Visha also offers a Mommy VIP Club so you never have to run out of that must-have eye booster (thank you, sleepless children). By signing up, you guarantee a regular shipment of your skincare products every six weeks, and you also save $15 off the Mommy Line bundle too!

Being a mom often means we put our kids first and neglect ourselves in the process. It’s exciting to see such a great brand putting an emphasis on mamas and taking time for ourselves!

Will you be trying the new Mommy Skincare line? Which product are you most excited about? We’d love to hear in our comments!

––Karly Wood


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