When we were young, grabbing a donut usually meant a trip to the nearest Krispy Kreme at a local strip mall. Fortunately for our kids, today’s donut runs hold a lot more appeal: artisanal bakeries in NYC have taken fried dough to a whole new level. Some focus on candy-covered and brunch-food inspired varieties. others insist on using entirely local ingredients. Prepare to drool as you click through our favorite NYC fry factories.

Underwest Donuts

Taking a weekend trip with the family? Make a pit stop at Underwest Donuts on 47th Street, just off of the Westside Highway. The kids will get to devour some of the most delicious cake donuts in town and your wheels will get a full sparkle and polish. It’s a donut shop and car wash in one! Some of the top flavors here are cocoa raspberry, cinnamon and coconut lime. Grab a bite while your ride gets a makeover or take the donuts to go. The back of your car might turn into a sticky, crumb-covered mess, but there’s nothing like gooey goodness to keep your little passengers entertained for a while. (Once you’re over the George Washington Bridge you’re on your own.)

Underwest Donuts
638 West 47th St.
Hell’s Kitchen
Online: underwestdonuts.com

photo: Mike C. via Yelp

What’s your favorite New York doughnut spot? Tell us in the comments below! 

— Michelle Cohen


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