Just Opened: The World’s First Raw Cookie Dough Shop

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Remember when you were naughty as a kid and snuck a taste of cookie dough?  It’s so good they made an ice cream flavor out of it, but back then you might get your hand smacked away with a mixing spoon from an adult who knew raw dough could carry salmonella. Now it’s the future!  So, you and your kids can indulge in cookie dough that’s safe to eat and comes in a lot more flavors and combinations than chocolate chip.


photo: Dina Coloma

Enter the DŌgon
Enter DŌ, a new store selling cookie dough that tastes just like you remember it, straight out of the bowl.  This dough, however, is safe to eat raw, thanks to being made with pasteurized eggs and heated flour.  Kids have allergies?  They can still have safe cookie deliciousness in varieties that are vegan, nut-free, gluten-free or grain-free.  Plus, with flavors like Sugar Cookie, Brownie Batter, Oatmeal M&M, Gimme S’more and Fluffernutter, there should be something to suit the tastes of everyone in your family.

Little ones with specific aesthetic preferences may particularly like the offerings featuring colorful rainbow sprinkles, such as Confetti or Cake Batter, and rotating seasonal specials will give you something more to taste when you come back for more (and more…)


photo: Dina Coloma

À La Mode To Go
Cookie dough comes in cones or different sized cups (single to triple scoops range $4-$9, plus 50 cents per topping) but you can also get adventurous and combine it with Blue Marble ice cream as an “Ice Cream SanDŌwich,” milkshakes or custom-scooped sundaes.

Of course, if you prefer your cookie dough “well done,” they sell baked cookies and treats like fudge, brownies, and a 9-inch cookie cake.  You are also welcome to pick up some dough to go and bring it home to cook for yourself without the mess of combining ingredients and blending.

Need MOAR cookie dough?  Order it online 72 hours ahead for easy pick-up, or ask them about their catering service.  Either way, these baked yummies are an excellent way to cut a little time off of preparing for a party or playdate.


photo: Dina Coloma

Send Them Your Love — in Cookie DŌ  Form
Don’t want to schlep to the Village?  DŌ actually started as an online delivery service before they opened their store, so you can order local delivery in Manhattan or have it shipped elsewhere as a gift (Bite Boxes of 12 mini scoops in different flavors or a special Valentine’s Day Pack are deliverable happiness) or alllll for yourself.

That said, the brick-and-mortar shop is super kid-friendly and definitely worth a visit. It’s bright and fun, with neon signs and polka-dot wallpaper, and a huge glass window gives visitors a view into the kitchen and the dough-making process.

The store has seating for 15, so you can nosh in-house, but if you want to go for a stroll, Washington Square Park is close by. Taking your canine buddy for a walk?  Stop by and get them their very own Doggy DŌ.


photo: Dina Coloma

Makin’ and Bakin’
One more inside scoop (yeah, we went there): Classes in cookie dough making and baking, cookie decorating, and more are coming to DŌ soon, as well as special events and parties for kids and adults alike.

550 LaGuardia Pl.
West Village
Online: cookiedonyc.com

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—Gretchen Kunz