Giddy Up to These Amazing Old West Towns

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Before Starbucks and iPad apps were a sign of city life, ole’ saloons and horse-drawn carriages were markers of a thriving town. Lucky for us, these historic hubs still exist and are now happening spots for lil’ cowboys and cowgirls. Looking to roll up their sleeves and pan for gold? Or watch an old fashioned shootout without the danger? Flip through our slideshow for the best Wild West Towns across the country.

Tombstone, Az

Say goodbye to skyscrapers and cars in Tombstone, Arizona. This famous town (Wyatt Earp was a resident, and it's home to the OK Corral) is THE place for any wild west lover. The residents aren’t actors, but real inhabitants living amongst authentic old western buildings. Old time photos studios, classic saloons, horse drawn carriages and gunfight shows are there to reel in the attention of ever mini cowboy. Thrill seekers can even take a tour about Tombstone Ghosts and Legends or, an age-appropriate paranormal tour. <b>Online:</b> <a target="_blank" href=""></a&gt; <p style="text-align:right;"><em>photo: <a class="owner-name truncate" title="Go to Dan Perelman's photostream" target="_blank" href="">Dan Perelman</a> via flickr</em></p>fuck

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—Christal Yuen