Grab a stack of origami paper and get ready to do some folding, because we’ve discovered your next crafting obsession. With a few cuts and folds, you can create owls, flowers, cranes and frogs—these paper crafts will blow your mind. Keep reading to get the scoop on simple origami for kids that is easy enough for beginners but cool enough to impress your friends.

Origami Heart Garland

simple origami for kids, heart garland origami

This Origami heart garland from Mama.Papa.Bubba. is an adorable way to decorate your house or just spread some love! And it's such a fun craft to make.

Origami Flowers

origami flowers
Dream A Little Bigger

These Origami flowers from Dream A Little Bigger are a beautiful and fun project. If you want, you can follow the instructions to connect the flowers into a Kusudama ball.

Origami Bookmarks

simple origami for kids are origami bookmarks
Easy Peasy and Fun

If you’ve got a budding bookworm in your family, you’ve got to make this adorable project from Easy Peasy and Fun. There’s lots of room for creativity with these since you can add eyes, teeth, horns...the sky’s the limit.

Origami Bracelets

Origami bracelets are simple origami for kids
Paper Kawaii

File this under “coolest idea ever”: origami you can wear! These modular bracelets from Paper Kawaii are so much fun to make and can be made in any color combination or size your little ones desire.

Origami Frogs

It’s Always Autumn

Take inspiration from It’s Always Autumn to make a batch of colorful frogs. Once you’ve made them, you can get a competition going to see who can make them fly the furthest.

Origami Pencil Holders

Origami pencil holders are simple origami for kids
Gathering Beauty

These pencil holders from Gathering Beauty are a perfect project for origami newbies. They’re super easy to put together with a few folds and a dab or two of glue.

Origami Teddy Bear

Christal Yuen

We can hardly bear how cute this origami craft is, and it’s easy to make too. Kids will get to finish off their masterpiece by drawing on eyes and a mouth.

Origami Cootie Catcher

Easy Peasy and Fun

Cootie catchers just got way cooler, thanks to this awesome craft from Easy Peasy and Fun. If you made these yourself as a kid, it’ll be fun to pass on the tradition on to your kids.

Origami Faces

Pink Stripey Socks

How cute are these origami faces from Pink Stripey Socks? Kids will love putting them together and customizing each one with colorful hair, jewelry and freckles.

Origami Ninja Start

What Do We Do All Day?

This might be our favorite simple origami for kids. We’re obsessed with these transforming ninja stars from What Do We Do All Day?, and chances are your kids will feel the same way. You’ll first make eight parallelograms into a wheel, then push and pull on the sides to turn it into a star.

Origami School Bus

Moms & Crafters

You’ll have the perfect new prop for your “Wheels on the Bus” sing-alongs thanks to this DIY from Moms & Crafters. It’s super easy for beginners, and kids can decorate it with markers, buttons or whatever else you have on hand.

Origami Mermaid

This origami mermaid is simple origami for kids
Pink Stripey Socks

If your kids are fans of The Little Mermaid, they’ll have a blast making this adorable origami from Pink Stripey Socks. Pop the movie on in the background while you make them, and you’ve got a great afternoon in store.

—Taylor Clifton & Susie Foresman



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