These Genius Instant Pot Hacks Are Going to Change Your Life

Instant Pots: is there nothing they can’t make at this point? From wonderfully creamy mac and cheese to uber easy (and super yummy) chili, the Instant Pot just might be the best kitchen tool that every home chef should have on their counter.

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But it’s not all easy and delish dinners you can make with your Instant Pot: these 7-in-1 multi-taskers can tackle a whole host of other projects, too. Here are some of our favorite, most genius Instant Pot hacks that will totally have you looking at your favorite appliance in a whole new way.

Instant Pot Crayons

marimari1101 via Pixabay

Upcycle broken crayon bits into something new again for your little artist with your Instant Pot. Laura at Awe Filled Homemaker not only melts old crayon pieces with her Instant Pot to whip up cool new crayons in a variety of shapes, she also had the brilliant idea to use bulk lip balm tubes for easy twist-up crayon fun, too!

Check out Laura's simple tutorial for Instant Pot DIY crayons at her blog.

Instant Pot Dog Food

Florencia Potter via Unsplash

Why should humans have all the fun when it comes to gourmet delights: our furry friends can benefit from the amazing-ness that is the Instant Pot, too! Mary at Tales from the Back Road makes her two dogs a super nutritious natural dog food using carrots, brown rice, chicken thighs and a few other tasty, nutrient-dense ingredients to keep her pups happy and healthy. 

Get Mary's healthy Instant Pot dog food recipe at her blog.

Instant Pot Herbal Soap, Salves & Balms

silviarita via Pixabay

If you can melt old crayon pieces to make Instant Pot crayons, it stands to reason that glycerin or beeswax and essential oils are just as suitable for melting in this 7-in-1 cooker, too. Chris at Joybilee Farm has not one, but eight amazing Instant Pot recipes for herbal soaps and medicines, including soothing salves and luscious lip balms.

Get your home spa on with these Instant Pot herbal medicine recipes at her blog.

Instant Pot Wine (Yes, Wine!)

Kelsey Knight via Unsplash

Once you've got your kiddos entertained and coloring up a storm with their new Instant Pot crayons, you've fed the dog with homemade Instant Pot dog food AND made Instant Pot herbal lip balm tubes to gift each of your mommy group friends, now it's time to relax and pour yourself a well-deserved glass of wine—Instant Pot wine, that is.

Get the (genius) recipe for Instant Pot wine here.

Instant Pot Weight Loss

PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

And last—but certainly not least—you can even use your Instant Pot to lose weight. Brittany Williams documented her incredible weight loss journey with her Instant Pot at Instant Loss. In eight months, Brittany lost nearly 80 pounds using her Instant Pot as her primary weight loss tool. 

Check out Brittany's Instant Pot weight loss journey and snag her meal plans at her blog.

What amazing things are you making in your Instant Pot? Share your cool Instant Pot hacks in the comments!

—Keiko Zoll

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Instant Pot Hacks


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