Ever wonder how your sign and your child’s zodiac sign stack up? Similar to those classic partner astrology compatibility charts, this one takes a look at how you and your progeny likely get on. This particular version is based on sun signs—how you see yourself, the person you are becoming, and your general personality. Of course, nurture has plenty to do with your bond, but the stars have their own way of aligning things. (P.S. If you’re curious how the next year is going to play out for you and your little one, dig a bit deeper into the toddler zodiac).

Note: Chart is read as Child X Parent

The Aries Child

Aries X Aries: Lots of feisty energy in this combo! You can embrace your inner child together, but it is very important to work through aggression and impulsiveness. Be the model for your little one.

Aries X Taurus: Your job is to keep your impulsive Aries kiddo on track. Aries have lots of passionate beginnings, but often burn out their energy before seeing things through. You are the perfect guide to teach them how to do so.

Aries X Gemini: It will always be important for you two to keep an open line of communication. You guys are a fun pair who love to socialize. You will always have lots of friends and events to go to, keeping you busy.

Aries X Cancer: You are here to nurture your Aries kid's inner child (we know how that sounds). Let them play and enjoy life. Don’t forget to get in on the action—they’ll love to have you in the pretend play mix.

Aries X Leo: Such a lively parent and child pair! You guys are the life of the party wherever you go. Your challenge will be managing both of your fiery personalities and learning to keep your cool.

Aries X Virgo: You have a little firecracker on your hands, Virgo! You can keep calm and cool in most situations, and it’s your job to help your impulsive Aries child learn to do the same.

Aries X Libra: Your Aries child will be your BFF. While they love to do things independently, your gentle guidance and peace-keeping ability will come in handy when they get hot-tempered.

Aries X Scorpio: Your Aries child is here to remind you of your inner child—you are still a kid at heart, after all! Enjoy these times with them as they won’t stay this little forever.

Aries X Sagittarius: The “dynamic duo” of the parent and child world. Sagittarius loves to learn and teach, and Aries is the eternal child, always seeking some loving guidance. No better person to share your wisdom with!

Aries X Capricorn: Your Aries kid may struggle to complete or stay focused on tasks. Good thing you are skilled at helping them see the bigger picture and encouraging them to not give up to get there.

Aries X Aquarius: Talk about two people who love their freedom! You both need room to explore and be yourselves. You will always have each other to do this with.

Aries X Pisces: This little firecracker kiddie will spark something in you, Pisces! Teach them to get in touch with their creative side and express themselves.


The Taurus Child

Taurus X Taurus: You will fully understand each other but just cannot be rushed. You two can experience life together through your senses: good food, sensory play, nature time and lots of creating art.

Taurus X Gemini: As quick as you are, Gemini, you cannot rush your Taurus little. You have to respect not only their time, but that they truly only want to do things once and do them right. While you like lots of options, they do not. You must learn to work with that.

Taurus X Cancer: A very loving and affectionate duo you two are. You know just how to comfort your Taurus little, something they seek a lot. You are truly their caretaker, and they love every minute of it.

Taurus X Leo: Your Taurus kid will always be teaching you how to take your time and be more grounded. You both enjoy the finer things in life—this will be your foodie BFF for life.

Taurus X Virgo: You are both practical, hard-working and down-to-earth. And you both prefer life to be easygoing and chill. Together you can take adventures to push you out of your comfort zones.

Taurus X Libra: Both of your ruling planets are Venus. You will find your Taurus kid loving all the pretty and shiny things, just like you. Together you will see the world through rose-colored glasses.

Taurus X Scorpio: While the Scorpio parent can be a bit intense, your Taurus little will teach you how to ground your emotions! But be careful, you can both be on the stubborn side. Don’t let it get the best of you.

Taurus X Sagittarius: Your Taurus kid is here to teach you some patience. You will learn they will do everything on their own time and you cannot rush them.

Taurus X Capricorn: You are here to teach your Taurus tot a bit about flexibility as they can be a bit reluctant to move! No better person than you, a sign who can move mountains.

Taurus X Aquarius: Your Taurus kid tends to stay in their comfort zone, but you, the Aquarius parent, like to push limits. Teaching them to try new things (safely) will always be your job.

Taurus X Pisces: Your Taurus kid is very practical, while you are a bit more dreamy. They are meant to show you grounding and stability, things that you probably crave.

Taurus X Aries: Opposites attract: As an Aries parent, you are really good at getting things started, and your Taurus kid has the endurance to help you see things through. Don’t rush your little one, though. We know how fast you can be, Aries.


The Gemini Child

Gemini X Gemini: THE ACTUAL TWINS! You two will be the social host and hostesses with the mostesses. It is important to work through indecisiveness together as well as nurture their sharp wit.

Gemini X Cancer: Your Gemini babe needs to be out and about socializing to thrive, while you are more of a homebody. Always remember to give them choices and let them have lots of fun. It’s okay if they don't want to be at home much—you need to get out, too.

Gemini X Leo: There might be a little bit of drama associated with this duo. Leo is so outstanding, and the Gemini kiddo loves to initiate the fun. You two will never have a dull moment.

Gemini X Virgo: Both signs are ruled by Mercury, meaning you will be one very busy pair! Nobody will ever question your abilities to get stuff done. You live by lists and schedules and always support each other in completing your to-dos.

Gemini X Libra: Talk about a fashionable parent and child pair. You two are always on point in the fashion department and tend to set the trends.

Gemini X Scorpio: Your Gemini kid is going to show you how to be a bit lighter, Scorpio. They have a fun, lighthearted air that will do you some good.

Gemini X Sagittarius: Together you two are meant to explore the world and learn through experience. Your Gemini kid will be your favorite person to go on trips with, meet new people and even try new foods with. You’ll cherish the memories.

Gemini X Capricorn: Your Gemini child will teach you how to communicate in so many ways! Their openness and intelligence will inspire you, and their wit will keep you on your toes.

Gemini X Aquarius: This parent/child combo are the networking masters. They can befriend anyone. Put them on a playground, and they’ll come back with a whole new group of BFFs.

Gemini X Pisces: You two have very different modes of communication. Your Gemini’s quick intelligence and gift of gab will seriously impress you and inspire you to find your inner voice.

Gemini X Aries: The social butterflies! You two will make lots of friends and wow any crowd. Communication will be the foundation of your relationship.

Gemini X Taurus: It will be your job to ground your flighty little Gemini and help them make decisions, as they often struggle with indecisiveness. Always offer them a set of options: Making that choice helps them feel more secure.

The Cancer Child

Cancer X Cancer: The emotions run high with this pair. You are both sensitive and intuitive. It is your task to teach your little—and yourself—not to be scared to face things head on rather than side-stepping through life like the Cancer crab.

Cancer X Leo: The Leo parent is tasked with nurturing their little Moonchild is a very big way. Your child will appreciate you showering them with both attention and affection.

Cancer X Virgo: The Virgo parent will always be the one who helps, and the Cancer kid loves the extra attention and guidance. While the Virgo parent will teach them how to analyze everything, the Cancer child will teach them to feel the feels.

Cancer X Libra: One of the sweetest and most loving duos. Libras nurture in their own very special way, and the Cancer kid eats that up. Libra is probably the best to guide them through all their emotions.

Cancer X Scorpio: You two ride emotional waves as water signs. You are both empathic and sensitive and can pick up on each other's moods nonverbally. You have a very special, almost psychic connection.

Cancer X Sagittarius: The Sag parent will have to teach the Cancer child that it’s safe to leave home and explore. The Cancer child will show the Sag parent that being home is necessary, too, and can even be fun.

Cancer X Capricorn: The Capricorn parent is tasked with balancing both their career and home life, as Cap is associated with work life. No better kiddo than the family-oriented Cancer kid to show you how to be the CEO Soccer Mom/Dad.

Cancer X Aquarius: Your Cancer kid is sweet, kind and emotional, and it will melt your heart, Aquarius. You will be singing the tune: “I never knew there was a love like this before”.

Cancer X Pisces: You are both on the more sensitive side and enjoy the comfort of your home. Create a home that is like your castle, so you will both always feel safe and secure.

Cancer X Aries: You have a sensitive and emotional little one on your hands. Family is of the utmost importance to them. With your noble spirit, you provide them that comfort and safety they so crave.

Cancer X Taurus: You two thrive at home. Lots of family time, honoring your inner nurturers and snuggling up together. There isn’t a sweeter pair.

Cancer X Gemini: While you might like to be the social butterfly, your Cancer little is a bit more of a homebody. You two can balance each other out and find harmony in this. Make sure you get your Moonchild out of the house and they will make sure you enjoy restorative time at home.

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The Leo Child

Leo X Leo: Another feisty and fiery pair! Together you two know how to bring the sass and the fun—you’re always a good time to be around.

Leo X Virgo: You two will always motivate and encourage each other to be your very best. You are each other's biggest fans.

Leo X Libra: You two are a pair that catches the eye no matter where you go. The Leo child will always shine bright, and the Libra parent is always so put-together. We see you.

Leo X Scorpio: This is a pair that knows how to bring the intensity! Scorpio is quite fiery for a water sign, so the emotions and dramatics can run a bit high. Be wary of mood swings and work on staying level-headed together.

Leo X Sagittarius: Your Leo will be your loving little lion cub, Sag. They will always respect and admire your wisdom and want to learn from you. They are the best little protege.

Leo X Capricorn: While the Capricorn parent may seem on the conservative or classic side, the Leo kid is going to break that chain with their sass and golden auras. They are something else, and you will love it.

Leo X Aquarius: You both exude bravery and confidence. You will be okay with your Leo little testing limits because you were once that person, too. You’ve got this, Aquarius.

Leo X Pisces: Having a child that isn't scared of the limelight is kind of inditimating to you, Pisces. You can learn a thing or two from their fearlessness. Let them show you how to be brave.

Leo X Aries: Talk about a passionate pair! Your Leo child will love the spotlight, especially with your encouraging nature. Just watch the dramatics—two fire signs can be quite extra.

Leo X Taurus: Oh Taurus, your little Leo is going to give you a run for your money. You just gotta love ‘em, though—they will always be bold, brave and outstanding. Always try to nurture their inner performer and they will thrive.

Leo X Gemini: Your little Leo wants alllll of your attention. It is important you take the time to stop the millions of things you do and give them some undivided time. They thrive when they know they have their parents all to themselves.

Leo X Cancer: Your Leo child is going to get you out of your shell. You can learn a thing or two from them by watching them own the spotlight.


The Virgo Child

Virgo X Virgo: You two appear to be quiet and reserved, but you're both just taking in your environment and other people. You are here to remind one another that perfection does not exist and to take it easy once in a while.

Virgo X Libra: Both the Libra parent and the Virgo kid thrive when their spaces are clean, uncluttered and harmonious. It suits you both to be on the minimal and organized side as chaos is neither of your jams.

Virgo X Scorpio: You both really love learning and have a laser focus. (I see lots of time spent watching documentaries and going to museums in your future.) Your Virgo’s ability to break down information to better understand it will truly impress you.

Virgo X Sagittarius: While your Virgo kid is excellent at mastering the details and breaking down everything to understand it, you can show them the bigger picture so they aren't so fussy. Teach them to be more easygoing, as they can be a little uptight.

Virgo X Capricorn: A more serious pair, you two are here to learn how to have some fun together! Life needs to have some play mixed in with all the work, after all. Learn to let go.

Virgo X Aquarius: Your Virgo kid's mind works quite differently than yours, Aquarius. Observe them, guide them and ask yourself what you can learn from them.

Virgo X Pisces: The Pisces brain is imaginative, while the Virgo brain is analytical. You are the best person to teach them to see beyond the facts, as well as not to beat themselves up over perfection.

Virgo X Aries: You two have a knack for getting stuff done. You really know how to take initiative and your little Virgo loves to take things apart, analyze and perfect. The last thing anyone would call you two is lazy.

Virgo X Taurus: You are a pair of two very grounded, down-to-earth Earth signs. Teach your little Virgo not to be so hard on themselves and remember not to set unattainable standards or goals for them—they really beat themselves up.

Virgo X Gemini: Two Mercurial planets aligned. While the Gemini parent is one busy bee, having a solid schedule is what will help your Virgo little thrive. Setting routines and sticking to them (yes, Gemini) will be best for you both.

Virgo X Cancer: While you are very into your feelings, your Virgo kid is more analytical. You feel; they think. You can each teach each other something about one another.

Virgo X Leo: You two are both ambitious go-getters. While the Leo parent is here to teach the Virgo child not to be so hard on themselves, the Virgo kid will actually teach the Leo parent all about minimalism and structure.


The Libra Child

Libra X Libra: The Libra parent and Libra child are another pair of besties. Libra thrives in partnerships, and there is no bond stronger than that of parent and child.

Libra X Scorpio: The Scorpio parent can be a little impatient, but your Libra child’s even and peaceful temperament will help you learn to be more mindful. They will show you how to handle things with grace.

Libra X Sagittarius: Your Libra tot loves to do everything with you. While a Sagittarius prides themself on their independence, having your Libra along for the ride brightens your world.

Libra X Capricorn: Your Libra kid is literally going to show you the beauty of life. Because of them, you will find yourself noticing every flower, sparkle, seashell and color that you were probably letting pass by before. Soak it in.

Libra X Aquarius: A pair that enjoys intelligent conversation and are equally as charming. That little Libra will win your heart and be the best baby date you’ll ever have!

Libra X Pisces: This pair is another undercover super combo! You are two of the kindest and most loving of the signs—you will just get along famously.

Libra X Aries: This combo of sister signs is like yin and yang. Where you will always be teaching your Libra independence, they will teach you the importance of relying on others, too. You two will always balance each other out.

Libra X Taurus: Two Venus-ruled signs with a love of beautiful things. Whether it’s fashion, art, interior design or jewelry. . . together you two will make this world a more aesthetically pleasing place.

Libra X Gemini: Your Libra little is your BFF, your road dog, the child who will care for you when you are sick and not put you in a home when you are old. You’ve got each other for life.

Libra X Cancer: Such an ideal pair! Libra kids love nothing more than being with their parents, and there is nothing more that a Cancer parent loves than being a parent.

Libra X Leo: Both of these signs have a certain love for love. Your Libra offspring will be very attached to you the more you shower them with love. And let’s face it, you both love the attention.

Libra X Virgo: Virgo, you are being tasked with encouraging your Libra little to be a bit more independent. Show them by example—let them know they can do hard things alone.

The Scorpio Child

Scorpio X Scorpio: Whenever we see the same sign, we know you are meant to be each other’s mirror: the good, the bad, the ups, the downs and all that comes with it. You will always be this to each other.

Scorpio X Sagittarius: You both share a deep love of learning. You are tasked with showing them how to lighten up and let go a little. These little ones are intense, but your optimism is contagious.

Scorpio X Capricorn: The Capricorn parent can be very calm, which is something your intense Scorpio child will need from you. Show them how to manage their emotions, leading by example with your cool, collected ways.

Scorpio X Aquarius: Aquarius and Scorpio are two who will fight to the death for a good cause. There is no better parent than Aquarius to teach a Scorpio kid humanitarianism at such a young age.

Scorpio X Pisces: The funny thing about this combo is you both need a lot of rest! You pick up on each other’s emotions very easily, so it is important to conserve (and restore) your energy.

Scorpio X Aries: Now this is a case of true opposites, but both sprinkled with sass. While Aries is bold and outgoing; Scorpio is much more secretive and introverted. Learning to respect each other’s way of being will be to your highest good.

Scorpio X Taurus: Where you are grounded and stable, your Scorpio little is a bit of a mystery to you. Teaching them trust is the biggest thing you can do for them. Embrace their love for learning and they will teach you in return.

Scorpio X Gemini: The intensity of a Scorpio little might be a bit much for you as such an easygoing Gem, but you guys are meant to be each other’s mirror. You will show them how to be lighthearted, and they will teach you to have some depth.

Scorpio X Cancer: While you are both quite empathic and emotional, you must nurture their deep little souls and show them what love truly is. You earn love with these littles.

Scorpio X Leo: You two will be each other’s greatest lessons. The Leo parent will help the Scorpio child to be more extroverted, and the Scorpio little can teach the Leo parent a few things about privacy and spending time alone.

Scorpio X Virgo: Nothing gets by either one of you! A kid will NOT put up with white lies or bribes, a Virgo parent can analyze anything you say to them. We wouldn’t mess with this team.

Scorpio X Libra: Fairness will always be very important to you both. Keep that in mind when parenting your Scorpio kid, who might have a tendency to be a bit extreme.


The Sagittarius Child

Sagittarius X Sagittarius: You and your little Sag will want to have the spotlight so get ready to share. Teach them the wisdom of your years and get re-invigorated with their zest for life. 

Sagittarius X Capricorn: You have a fun-loving and joyful little kiddo on your hands, though they can sometimes be a wild one. Where they are spirited, you are peaceful. Where they are extra, you are grounded. No better parent to teach them boundaries in these situations.

Sagittarius X Aquarius: You two are so similar yet so different. Your Sagittarius little will teach you how to enjoy life a bit more and not take everything so seriously.

Sagittarius X Pisces: The ideas are just endless with the Pisces parent and Sag child. Your Sag kid's ability to focus on the big picture will inspire your imagination. No limit to what you can create together.

Sagittarius X Aries: While both are fire signs, Sagittarius has that free spirit streak that might make a controlling Aries a little crazy. Encourage them to be who they are and let them be free.

Sagittarius X Taurus: Your little Sag is probably always on the go. They want to explore and, in the future, travel. While you are more of a homebody, it is important they always get to spread their wings with a loving home to return to.

Sagittarius X Gemini: Another profound set of sister signs. Together you will explore the world, learn about different cultures, be fearless in trying new things and grow through experience. You have a beautiful journey ahead.

Sagittarius X Cancer: While your Sag kid is the happiest baby on the block, they might not be as affectionate as you are. Doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They just need to be free to express their love in their own way.

Sagittarius X Leo: Meet your match, Leo! Your Sag kid will out-spunk you, outwit you and out-drama you. But you’ll have the best time together, as they are a tough kid to stay mad at.

Sagittarius X Virgo: Your Sagittarius little one will teach you to see the bigger picture, while it will always be your job to teach them to slow down and not overlook the details.

Sagittarius X Libra: You two are both such good-natured souls. Libra, you like to operate in a pair or partnership, while your Sag kiddo is quite independent. You have to give them that space they need to grow.

Sagittarius X Scorpio: You are the pair who is ready for an adventure. Your Sagittarius tot will happily lead you places you always wanted to go, but now you get to share these magical experiences through their joyous hearts.

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The Capricorn Child

Capricorn X Capricorn: A sure set of old souls who found each other. You will always be your Capricorn child's teacher, and they, the consummate overachievers—yep, even as little ones. They will continue to make you proud as they grow.

Capricorn X Aquarius: This duo will be each other’s greatest lesson. Your Capricorn child will teach you hard work and discipline and you will teach them how to let go and have fun.

Capricorn X Pisces: It might surprise you to have a child who seems like a little adult. Encourage them to play and be a kid through creative activities.

Capricorn X Aries: Strong-willed is the theme for you both. You’re hard workers and goal-oriented individuals—together you can take over the world.

Capricorn X Taurus: You are both extremely hard-working, so it’s important you remember to play and enjoy life. You share similar qualities of patience, calmness and loyalty. This babe will be your best friend for life.

Capricorn X Gemini: You are here to help your little old soul Cappy be less serious and somber and to have some fun. In return, they will teach you how to focus on your goals, see the bigger picture and be a bit less flaky.

Capricorn X Cancer: You are here to love on these little old souls. While they teach you the importance of hard work, you teach them how to love and nurture.

Capricorn X Leo: The Leo parent loves their role as the leader of the pack, and their Capricorn child is the perfect little cub. They appreciate a parent that will always protect and guide them.

Capricorn X Virgo: This is a pair that has success written all over them. Your Capricorn little is always the first to reach their milestones, and you couldn’t be prouder.

Capricorn X Libra: These two signs may seem quite different, but you’re both Cardinal signs, which means you are the pioneers. You’re the first to get things started and spark ideas. You are both natural-born leaders, and others will always turn to you.

Capricorn X Scorpio: The two old souls of the Zodiac! It must feel like you’ve known each other for lifetimes, and you probably do. You two are one of the most unlikely peas in a pod, but that you are.

Capricorn X Sagittarius: You two are another ambitious and motivated duo. No one can stop you guys from achieving your dreams. You both think big, but your Capricorn kid will help you keep things a little more realistic.


The Aquarius Child

Aquarius X Aquarius: A double Aquarius, you are meant to be innovative leaders. Together you will show the world a better way and to be more open-minded and kindhearted.

Aquarius X Pisces: Your Aquarius kid is a love, but it probably amazes you they aren't as emotional as you are. Aquarius are known to have a good grip on this. Perhaps they are here to teach you the same.

Aquarius X Aries: The Aquarius child is truly an individual. They have a secret superpower of staying calm in the tensest of situations, and this will come in handy with the passionate and impulsive Aries parent.

Aquarius X Taurus: Your Aquarius kid loves freedom—and loves to test you. Stay cool, Taurus. They do it because they love you. Patience is a virtue, especially in this duo.

Aquarius X Gemini: “Let’s get weird” should be this pairing's motto. The weirder, the better and certainly, the more fun. Embrace the odd and silly side of life together. You’ll have way more fun than conforming to the norm.

Aquarius X Cancer: Cancer parents, you have to love having an unconventional kiddo. You want to love all over them, but they just want to do their thing. Give them space—they’ll still always need your support.

Aquarius X Leo: A pair of rebels! You both love doing your own thing and not being told what to do. You two show the world it’s okay to march to the beat of your own drum.

Aquarius X Virgo: Your Aquarius kid is here to shake up your routine. While the Virgo parent likes schedules and order, the Aquarius child learns differently. Let them do their own thing.

Aquarius X Libra: The Libra parent is tasked with teaching the freedom-seeking Aquarius child some boundaries. It may seem the Aquarius little is fearless; encourage them to be brave while being cautious.

Aquarius X Scorpio: The Scorpio parent and Aquarius kid weren’t born to fit in. They were born to break molds and shock everyone. You are both humanitarians at heart, and we can’t wait to watch you make waves.

Aquarius X Sagittarius: Meet your mini-me, Sagittarius. Your Aquarius kid will walk your walk and talk your talk! It will always be a trip to see how much they remind you of yourself.

Aquarius X Capricorn: Your Aquarius kid may be quite the rebel. Where you relish control and order, they love to have their freedom. You two will always be figuring out this balance.


The Pisces Child

Pisces X Pisces: We can only imagine the creativity coming out of this Pisces/Pisces pair. You two inspire others and are the muses of this world.

Pisces X Aries: Encourage your dreamy Pisces babe through their creative streak. Show them to have courage and always stand tall. They will always lean on you for this kind of support.

Pisces X Taurus: What a creative pair you two are. It will be your job to help your emotional Pisces babe get a handle on those feelings and express them through art, music and other creative outlets.

Pisces X Gemini: Together you two will need to discover grounding. You’re both big dreamers, but you often drift from reality. Learn to use your imaginations but also come back to the real world.

Pisces X Cancer: You are the perfect parent to nurture the emotional needs of the Pisces little one. They crave your love, caring and attention. Lots of hugs and snuggles with this duo.

Pisces X Leo: You two share common ground in needing to express yourself through your creative side. Encourage your Pisces kid to explore the arts and watch them flourish.

Pisces X Virgo: You two are here to balance each other out. A Pisces kid will teach the structured, analytical Virgo parent how to go with the flow and be more creative.

Pisces X Libra: You will always be your Pisces kid’s safe space because you provide fairness and harmony in every environment. Pisces kiddos need lots of security and reassurance, and you are the perfect parent for that.

Pisces X Scorpio: Your Pisces little one is certainly a sweetheart. They will warm your heart with their loving and tender ways. You’ll be butter to their charm.

Pisces X Sagittarius: Your Pisces child will teach you how to express your creative side. While they may seem more geared toward the arts and you toward wisdom, you still love to learn, especially from them.

Pisces X Capricorn: You two may seem like the odd couple—the business-orientated Capricorn parent and the dreamy, imaginative Pisces child. But you are each here to teach the other your ways.

Pisces X Aquarius: A Pisces child views the world through rose-colored glasses, while the Aquarius parent is a bit more of a realist. They will teach you to use your imagination more than ever before.

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