The 12 Signs of the Toddler Zodiac

Want to learn a bit more about your little one’s Sun sign and traits? Read on to get a better picture of the person they are becoming. (Obviously, nature and nurture play an enormous role here, but this is what the stars have to say on the matter.)

Aries (3/20-4/21)

The Aries toddler has an energy that just won’t quit! They certainly aren’t the sleepers of the bunch, so keep your coffee on hand, parents. They tend to be active, social and quite bright with a noble little spirit. You may notice they can be on the impulsive side, as Aries likes to be the first at things. Finding ways to get all that energy out to avoid built-up aggression and teaching them to be mindful in their decision-making will be to both of your benefits.

Taurus (4/22-5/20)

The Taurus toddler experiences life through their senses. They're the little foodies, arts-and-crafts creators and the children who appreciate everything from a blooming flower to a squishy piece of Play-Doh. They may seem stubborn, especially when it comes to making a decision, but your little Taurean just wants to be positive they are making the right decisions so they won’t have to go back or redo it. Don’t rush these tikes: They will always get there in their own time.

Gemini (5/21-6/20)

The social butterflies of the Zodiac: this is the best way to describe your budding Gemini. They love to be around friends and family and thrive when they get to be social. They excel in the art of communication, so don't be surprised if you have a little chatterbox on your hands. Encourage open communication by always talking to them and channeling their expressiveness through both speech and writing.

Cancer (6/21-7/22)

Cancer toddlers are the sensitive souls of the Zodiac. They are the definition of “little people, BIG emotions.” They enjoy being at home and spending time with their family, and in fact, may be particularly attached to their parents. Cancer is a water sign, so these little ones can find it very soothing to be around the ocean or a peaceful lake to calm down. Lots of hugs, gentle reassurances and quality time with family helps these emotional toddlers feel more grounded.

Leo (7/23- 8/22)

That little Leo is a shining star in the making! Toddlers with a Leo sun are bold, brave and truly stand out in a crowd. They usually love to perform; encourage them by engaging in lots of singing and dancing and by putting on shows together. They tend to love praise, so be prepared to shower them with applause and positive reinforcement. Beware of that brave streak, though: Toddler-proof your space and always have eyes in the back of your head!

Virgo (8/23- 9/22)

The picky toddler who loves organization! Little Virgos will show signs of being a perfectionist early on. They like clean, simple and minimalist environments and love to break things down. Any toy or project they can take apart and put back together is their jam. They are helpers, so always include them in your tasks. From cleanup time to making dinner (safety first and using your discretion, of course), they love feeling useful. They are also the hardest on themselves; helping them learn not to beat themselves up will be an important life lesson.

Libra (9/23- 10/22)

Libra toddlers are affectionate and kind from very early on. They typically love being close to their parents. You will notice they like everything is fair—lots of sharing and keeping things even. They also need very harmonious, peaceful and loving environments to feel safe and secure. Your Libra toddler is most likely the best dressed of the bunch: Fuel that knack for pulling an outfit together by letting them have more say in the matter. It’s their way of being creative. And how adorable is a mini fashionista!

Scorpio (10/23- 11/22)

You’ve got a sassy little toddler on your hands if your little is a Scorpio Sun! Think spunky, a roller-coaster of emotions and an intense learner. A Scorpio kid's favorite words might just be “why” and “how,” because even at this young age, they are the investigators who want to get to the heart of the matter. Due to their intensity, they may be laser-focused on one thing at a time before moving on to the next. Books are your Scorpio toddler's best friend!


Sagittarius (11/23- 12/21)

“Let’s explore and learn” would be the slogan for your jovial Sagittarius toddler. Sagittarius Sun’s are known to learn through experience, so they aren't afraid to try new things. They are an independent toddler who marches to the beat of their drum and has to do things their way. They also have the kind of laugh that can brighten up any room—and they sure love to laugh!

Capricorn (12/22- 1/20)

The little old soul of the Zodiac, Capricorn toddlers are wise beyond their years. Ambitious and motivated, this little overachiever will probably be the first to be potty-trained and head of the class, easily mastering all the daunting tasks we parents get to tackle during toddlerhood. Success is always the end goal for the little Cap, but they also like being recognized for their accomplishments, so don’t forget lots of praise!

Aquarius (1/21- 2/17)

Aquarius toddlers are independent and true individuals. They don’t mind not following the crowd; in fact, they’ll generally form a little posse of their own (Picture a little one and their army of misfit stuffed animals, LOL.). They are known to be the least emotional of the Zodiac (though toddler feelings and outbursts aren't magically going to disappear) but still the little humanitarians. Encourage them to just be themselves; they don’t want to fit into anyone else’s molds.

Pisces (2/18-3/19)

A Pisces toddler shines once they figure out how to express their emotions through creativity. It's an outlet for these sensitive souls, so encouraging art, music, dance or yoga is often a great way to go. They are often a more intuitive sign and easily pick up on what's going on in their environment. As such, they may need help learning how to take some solo time to gather themselves. They are just so sweet and kind and don’t like any hurt feelings!


If you are unsure of your child’s Sun sign, you can look it up using their birth date, exact time and location. There is a lot of gray area around the 18th-23rd of each month when the Sun changes Zodiac signs, and it will depend on what year they were born. There are no such things as “cusps,” as the Sun can only be in one sign at a time, so looking up the exact information is useful.

If you want an even clearer picture, looking up their Moon sign and Rising sign using the information above will tell you the person they already are and how they process their emotions, and the person the world sees them as, respectively. It’s always fun to explore more about these tiny humans.


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