Parents Swear by This New Night Light That Serenades Babies to Sleep in Minutes

When it comes to getting babies to sleep, you’ll try just about anything when you’re desperate. Parents across the globe are raving about the new Glow Dreaming Lamp, which many claim puts their kids to sleep in 10—yes, 10!—minutes flat.

The Glow Dreaming lamp is pretty high tech for just a “lamp.” It utilizes several tools to help babies fall asleep faster. According to the Australian company’s website, the lamp claims a 98 percent success rate by using red and green LED light therapy technology along with aromatherapy and a humidifier with child-safe cold mist. It also emits slow wave sound therapy with three volume levels.

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The lamp, which is recommended for use with babies ages eight weeks and up (even adults might benefit from it), has a timer function so it will turn itself off after a set time period. It can also be fitted with interchangeable sleeves that allow you to change the pattern shown on the outside.

Parents have been singing the lamp’s praises on the company’s social media pages. One Instagram user said, “Night 2 with the Glow Dreaming and I’m already doing a happy dance. Woo has slept all night, and is still asleep! From being the world’s best sleeper to an epic party animal, this is a big deal.”

Another customer wrote, “THANK YOUUUUUU! We’ve only had our light for 3 nights but our son has already slept through from the first night, He is 26 months and after 2-3 months of waking up 3-5 times a night throwing massive tantrums and screaming and I couldn’t get him to stop… He is sleeping so peacefully since the light arrived!!! My neighbour recommended it to me and I’m sooooo grateful she did. Thank you guys, you have saved my mental state from going crazy!”

While the company is based in Australia, you can order the Glow Dreaming lamp online and they will ship to the United States, but you will need to use a power adaptor for the plug. The starter pack costs $130 AUD, or approximately $94 USD.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: ferhat66 via Pixabay



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