6 Grab & Go Dinner Spots for Busy Parents

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You’re busy. There’s a new routine afoot with school, weather change and additional activities on the roster. You need a dinner plan before evening rolls around. Meet your I-couldn’t-possibly-cook-tonight BFFs located in NE, NW and SE. Dinner is in talented hands.

Old Salt Marketplace
5027 NE 42nd Ave.

The champions from Grain and Gristle opened this spot recently so that everybody can win. They’ve got a deli, a full service restaurant, a bar and daily Grab N Go specials. Follow them on FB for the low down on the GnG meal of the day, then swing by between 11-7 to get it. They cook it while you wait, so perhaps cruise the deli for more goodies to take home or hit up the bar for a moment of reflection, cocktail-style.

old salt marketplace 2 fb page

Pacific Pie Co
1520 SE 7th Ave.

One of the comfort-foodiest options around is a good ol’ savory meat pie. Or veggie.  Or sweet pie-treat. These guys are legit, as in Australian, and know how to bring it home. Well, you’ll bring it home, they just make them to perfection for you to bake at home. Beef, chicken, and veggie pies are all there for the grabbing and going. Pacific Pies also rock smaller kiddo pies – like cheesy veggie and sausage rolls. The sausage is not spicy and the cheesy veggie holds the peppers. They’ve got a made fresh case, a lovely spot for eating in and a cooler for stocking up on frozen pies. Side note: there’s usually a frozen family size ridicu-yummy chicken pie waiting to go to your house. If there isn’t just ask, there might be a freshie on hand.  Good on ya!

pacific pie co

Taste Unique
2134 SE Division

You can literally smell the deliciousness of this spot as you swing past looking for parking. Their bake at home lasagnes are legendary and come in three choices. They also rock all kinds of pastas to make your family’s dinner the bestest around.  Beware the mouth-watering photos that crowd their FB page and web site. If only we could all have this joint in our backyard.

taste unique fb page

Laurelhurst Market Butcher Shop
3155 E Burnside

Tuesday is the day to swing by their butcher shop. Correction, there isn’t a bad day to swing by, but on Tuesdays the game is most definitely on with Fried Chicken.  While there you can stock up on amazing meats for the dinner week ahead. Tails & Trotters Pork and local grass-fed beef and lamb anyone?  Super friendly cutie pie butcher fellas make the trek an easy one, so take that dinner conundrum.

laurelhurst market

Justa Pasta
1326 NW 19th @ Pettygrove

Located in NW, Justa Pasta is a local treasure. They’ve gone from busy lunch spot, to expanded restaurant to selling tasty fresh cooked pastas to go for the family masses. Bake ‘em up at home (three cheese ravioli and marinara sauce a hit with the wee ones) and prepare for high fives from the team as they rally to the dining room table. Their fresh or frozen pastas and sauces will curl your toes and their prices can NOT be beat.

justa pasta 2

Bonus Round: Grab and Go from the Car

Your friends at PF Chang’s want you to know they care. How? By offering to-your-car-door delivery. That’s right. On those rainy, cold, blustery, busy nights ahead you can quite simply order (and pay) for some dinner either online or by phone. Drive up to their designated pick up spot and give them a quick jingle to say you’re there. They will run the food right out to your car. Nobody gets out, wet or has to find parking in the Pearl. Winner!

PF Chang’s Chinese Bistro
1139 NW Couch


Where do you grab dinner to go? Tell us your fave spots below!

— Liz Overson

Thanks for the photos Old Salt Marketplace and Taste Unique Facebook pages and Liz Overson.