One minute you’re belting out Elmo tunes in a duet with your tot and then suddenly you’re performing a solo: welcome to the car nappers club. The next time your kiddo sacks out mid-errand, don’t rush home and unbuckle (we mean wake) them. Just head to one of these scenic spots where you can let them nap while you take in the view, catch up on emails or catch a few winks yourself. Click through the slideshow to see our picks.

Sellwood Riverfront Park

After wearing the kids out skating for their Preschool Play and Skate, head to this sweet and dog-friendly river park just down the road, on your way out, on the right just before the railroad tracks.

SE Spokane St. & Oaks Pkwy.

photo: Sellwood Riverfront Park courtesy of via creative commons

Do you have a special parking place to offer up to other parents?  Let us know in the comments section!

—Suzie Ridgway


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