Forget keeping Portland weird because these amazing moms are dedicated to making it (and the rest of the world) wonderful. From working to find foster homes for homeless children to empowering other mothers and much, much more, these power moms are working tirelessly to make our community better and stronger while raising the next generation of Portlanders up right. Click through the slideshow to get inspiration from these PDX power moms.

Jessi Duley, Founder of BurnCycle

Jessi says, “My gift to give this world is my energy. I have a lot of it,” and she isn’t kidding. Mom to Lilah (3) and Fox (7 months old) this energetic lady runs a boutique fitness studio specializing in whole body spinning classes. She has two locations in Portland and is getting ready to open two more in Seattle. Her job is to keep the ship pointed North in a direction that aligns with the company’s core values. She teaches classes, mentors, motivates, and manages the creative direction of her company all while changing diapers! The impact that BurnCycle has on the daily lives of its clients, is one of the things Jessi is most proud of. She says she believes in the profound impact of the ripple effect and that one good day can lead to a good week and then a good year. Jessi says, “All it takes is one good day to be a better parent, a better partner, a better boss or a better colleague.”

Dividing and conquering is Jessi’s key to finding balance in her life. She says multi-tasking always worked against her and she found herself operating at half capacity at both work and home. Once she learned to separate the two by, for example, putting her daughter in childcare instead of bringing her to work, she was able to be fully present when engaging in both aspects of her life.

Words of Wisdom: “Given that as a mother and business owner, my life is supremely chaotic, I listen to meditation music on my commutes. So when I get to work I’m ready to approach the day with a clear, calm focused mind and when I’m on way my home I’m unwinding and letting the day go so I can be clear, calm and focused on my family when I get to them.”


Do you know a Power Mom in Portland who you thinks deserves celebration? List her in the comments below!

—Annette Benedetti

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