Forget keeping Portland weird because these amazing moms are dedicated to making it (and the rest of the world) wonderful. From working to find foster homes for homeless children to empowering other mothers and much, much more, these power moms are working tirelessly to make our community better and stronger while raising the next generation of Portlanders up right. Click through the slideshow to get inspiration from these PDX power moms.

Cari Luna, Writer and Author of The Revolution of Every Day

As a writer, the line between professional accomplishments and personal accomplishments tend to blur for this mother of two. But there’s one thing that’s certain, raising a son (10) and daughter (6) while writing her first novel is no small feat. After traveling a long, hard road to publication, Cari’s book The Revolution of Every Day, won the Oregon Book Award for Fiction in 2015 and earned praise from the likes of Oprah. When asked about managing work/life balance, Cari says, “There is no true balance. Something is always going to be slipping out of our grasp.”

Cari makes fun time with her children playing their favorite game, “Hug Me Til I Fart” in which they place an inflated Whoopie cushion under their shirt the hug each other until the cushion deflates audibly resulting the best kind of laughter.

Words of Wisdom: “We all need to be compassionate and patient with ourselves in the same way we try to be compassionate and patient with each other. Parenting is Hard. Life is hard. But here we are.”


Do you know a Power Mom in Portland who you thinks deserves celebration? List her in the comments below!

—Annette Benedetti

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