Power Your Lunchbox & Help Feed Hungry Kids, Too

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Are you ready to make the Power Your Lunchbox Promise? f you’re wondering what this promise is and why you should make one, we’ve got the scoop on the awesomeness that is this healthy eating initiative.

You know what it feels like to skip the mid-day meal. Right? Hey, you’re a busy mama. And that means you tend to miss meals in favor of changing diapers, answering work emails and doing the zillion things you have to get done every day. But missing meals just isn’t healthy—for you and your kiddo.

A well-nourished child is better able to handle to school day. That doesn’t just mean a child who eats anything does better at school. Children need healthy, nutritious lunches. And here’s where the Power Your Lunchbox Promise comes in.

The philanthropic organization Produce for Kids (the ones behind the Promise campaign) wants to help children become healthy eaters. They also want to help children in need to get nutritious food to eat. In order to help these children, Produce for Kids wants you to make a promise. That is, they want families and teachers/classrooms to make a promise to eat a healthier lunch.

Produce for Kids will donate $1 to Feeding America for each promise made on their website. If you;re wondering just how much money that could add up to—last year the more than 48,000 families and classrooms who made promises raised enough money to buy over 500,000 meals. That’s right, 500,000 healthy meals for families in need!

So how can you, your child or your child’s school get in on the healthy (and charitable) action? Starting Aug. 6, visit the Produce for Kids website and make your very own Power Your Lunchbox Promise!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Naomi Shi via Pexels 


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