Real Moms Dish on the Dolls That Keep Their Families Entertained for Hours

Finding an indoor activity that’ll keep kids entertained for hours is a struggle every parent can understand. Baby Born Surprise has a collection of cute baby dolls that girls can feed, bathe and diaper. They are packed with surprises and perfect for supplying kids with hours of imagination and story time fun. We partnered with two moms to test out these fun-filled toys.

Read on to discover why they think Baby Born Surprise dolls are a must-have for imaginative play.

Dolls That Are Full of Surprises

The Young Smiths

Like most parents right now, Jodenny from The Young Smiths is looking for ways to keep her little ones entertained while inside the house. She surprised her daughter Nylah with the Baby Born Surprise Baby Bottle House, which led to an afternoon of fun family play!

She says, "The Baby Born Surprise Baby Bottle House came equipped with all sorts of cute furniture and accessories, a real working bathtub, and even an exclusive Baby Born Surprise doll! Nylah loved the color changing hair, and the fact that she had to wipe the baby doll’s eyes to reveal their eye color."

Baby Born Encourages Creativity

Kristen Sellentin

As a mom of two and a wardrobe stylist, creative momma Kristen Sellentin focuses on finding fun ways for her kids to express their creativity. With over twenty surprises in one set, the Baby Born Surprise Baby Bottle House was a hit with her daughter Bristol. 

She says, "I love listening to her play with the set all morning and use her imagination. The fun of seeing each dolls unique surprises means I'll definitely be buying more as I am so impressed with the details of each doll."

A Community of Fun Activities & More

The Young Smiths

In addition to the the hours of fun and surprises in each set, you can find more Baby Born Surprise activities online with free printables related to the dolls. Little ones will get even more excited about their new doll with the help of coloring pages, game activity sheets and more printable activities.

"I loved how excited she was to tell me about the dolls, and how the dolls came with a little birth certificate for her to fill out," Jodenny from The Young Smiths shares. 

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