5 Recipes (& a Science Experiment) That Will Use Up Your Leftover Chocolate

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Valentine’s Day found you indulging in lots of kisses—the chocolate and the PDA varieties. Clearly, you’re smitten with the holiday. But if your post-February 14 house is starting to look more Willy Wonka than normal, it’s time to get creative with your chocolate hoard. We’ve found five recipes and one science experiment that’ll help get you on the way to a chocolate-free home (well, besides that secret stash above the fridge we know is there!).

1. Fruit Covered in Chocolate
If there’s fruit in it, it’s still healthy, right? We love this recipe because you can use whatever fruit is easily at your disposal, and for the record, we do think it’s healthy(ish). Get the recipe here.


photo: worlddesserts via flickr



2. Chewy, Chocolately Cheerios Bars
Created by Katie Morford of Mom’s Kitchen Handbook this recipe hits all the right sensory buttons: chewy, chocolatey, nutty, crunchy and a little salty. Get the recipe here.

photo: Katie Morford



3. Frozen Chocolate Bananas
With just four ingredients this recipe is a winner. Bonus: it’ll use up your brown bananas and extra chocolate bars. Get the recipe here.

Chocolate Frozen Bananas

photo: the vegetarian ginger



4. Chocolate-Coated Pretzels
There’s something about the sweet and salty combo that makes us swoon every time we bite into one of these perfect bites. Get the recipe here.


photo: veganfeast via flickr



5. Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies
Need some sugar to make your sugar-high come down less intense? These cookies are your answer! They’re full of peanut butter goodness, and will use up whatever kisses, M&Ms or small candies you have left. Get the recipe here.


photo: m01229 via flickr



Bonus: S’mores Science Project
Put on your lab coat for a day of s’mores science. Our tutorial will show you how to harness the sun’s energy to make a solar oven. Get the details here. 

smores-cc-Gerry Dincher-flickr

photo: Gerry Dincher via flickr



What other creative ways do you use up your Valentine’s Day treats? Leave us a comment (and photo, if you have one!) in the comment section below.

— Erin Lem