This Mindfulness Kit Can Help Calm Down Your Kids (& Save Your Sanity, Too)

Helping kids practice mindfulness and meditation in a fast-paced, overstimulated world can seem impossible, but the new Calm Mind Kit from Rose & Rex is the perfect way to start.

Online toy company Rose & Rex, known for its collection of imaginative items that promote creativity, has introduced a new kit to help kids relax and calm their minds. The Calm Mind Kit comes packed with three toys and a deck of artfully designed Calm Mind activity cards. Each card features a calming activity that corresponds with one of the toys.

The toys, which are all made of out of sustainable materials, include a linen beanbag, maple wood stacking blocks and natural play dough. According to the company, the purpose of the kit is to “provide children with a variety of tools for emotional development and well being that will help them learn how to focus, self regulate, and build confidence.”

One of Rose & Rex’s missions is to provide toys for all kids, which is why they donate toys to kids in need with every purchase. With each purchase of a Calm Mind Kit, the company will donate eight toys through Second Chance Toys.

Each Calm Mind Kit retails for $75 and you can order yours online. While the kit might seem pricey to some, we can definitely say that a calmed-down kiddo is practically priceless!

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy Rose & Rex/Featured photo: unclelkt via Pixabay



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