Make the Bay Area Your Playground with these 11 Awesome Apps

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You know every nook and cranny of your little district, but what about the rest of the 7×7 mile terrain that’s begging to become your family’s new playground? With a little help from these Bay Area apps, steer your family through these uncharted neighborhoods like a pro. Find new favorite eats, things to do, how to get there and even kid-friendly bathrooms with changing tables. There’s so much of the City to uncover.

Catch the Bus with Routesy

Say goodbye to that 20 min wait between leaving the house and hopping onto the MUNI. With Routesy, parents can get real time predictions for when the Muni, Bart and AC Transit will be stopping by. Opps, accidentally made a wrong turn and can't find your stop? No worries, Routesy can find which bus stop is closest to you. <b>Cost:</b> Free <b>Get It:</b> <a target="_blank" href="">iTunes only</a> Droid users can download an alternative app <a target="_blank" href="">here</a&gt;, but it only covers the Muni routes.fuck

Did we miss any apps that help you and your kids explore the Bay Area with ease? Let us know in the comments below!

— Christal Yuen

featured photo credit: dlytle via flickr