25 Black-Owned Bay Area Businesses to Support Now & Always

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With February being Black History Month, let’s get in the habit of shopping local and supporting our Black-owned Bay Area businesses. Below you’ll find a slew of businesses that families love, from vegan pizza to bookstores to DJ lessons. Snag some gift cards, buy yourself a cupcake and support these businesses now and always!

1. CanDid Art Kids

CanDid Art makes beautiful reversible quilted jackets and quilts for kids using sustainable materials. Their textiles are ethically sourced from African vendors and dyed using natural and organic dyes and processes. They also make stunning jewelery, home decor and original artwork. Purchase online only.


Online: candidartaccessories.com

IG @candid_art

2. Mission Bowling Club

Mission Bowling Club is a boutique bowling alley that departs from tradition by uniting culinary excellence with a casual ambience. Their kitchen offers a versatile menu that features locally sourced, seasonal ingredients transformed into elevated comfort food at its best. They also serve brunch on the weekends and are currently open for pick-up. Check their IG for updates on their additional pick up options like produce boxes. The bowling family hours are Saturday and Sunday between 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

3176 17th St.
San Francisco

Online: missionbowlingclub.com

IG @missionbowlingclub

3. Ashay by the Bay Books

Ashay by the Bay specializes in reselling African American and Multicultural Children’s Books (Preschool to High School), adult books and other educational products. They also provide online and onsite book fairs.


Online ashaybythebay.com

IG @ashaybythebay

You can find other Black-owned bookstores here

4. The EM's Barbershop

This barber shop has been around for over 8 years and you'll find that it is one of the most professional, elite and convenient barbershops in San Francisco. Their goal is to make you a happy life-long client. The EM's Barbershop is here to provide excellent quality service, specializing in all grades of hair. The EM's Barbershop takes pride in their customers' grooming! 

San Francisco

IG: @_mrhands

Online: theemsbarbershop.com

5. Red Bay Coffee

Red Bay is a beautiful cafe and roastery in the heart of Fruitvale. It was funded to promote diversity and inclusivity in the coffee industry. It has a lovely patio which is perfect for the little ones to play while you sip your delicious coffee or enjoy one of their many pastries. They are open for pick up or delivery.

3098 E 10th St.

Online: redbaycoffee.com

IG: @redbaycoffee

6. Dayfyah

Dayfyah (day-fy-yah) is the premier home-grown streetwear apparel boutique in San Francisco. The co-owners combined efforts to establish themselves in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood as the go-to spot for fashion kids, hip-hop heads, skaters, and anybody with an interest in urban culture. The store has continued to bring their community the best in fashion, music, art and culture ever since opening in 2019. 

IG: @dayfyah

Online: dayfyah.com


7. Vegan Mob

Vegan Mob is one of the few Vegan BBQ places in the whole Bay Area. Their passion is to help surrounding communities by empowering them with food they love and enjoy, while also supporting a healthy life-style. Be sure to check out their plant-based brisket or ribs, and their gumbo bread bowl. They also have personal mini pies! Open for pick-up or delivery.

500 Lake Park Ave.

Online: veganmob.biz

IG: @officialveganmob

8. The Sip

Ship the celebration right to those you love with the oh-so-cute mini champagne bottles from The Sip. This Oakland-based company was created by two moms who have been friends for over 15 years! You can choose a one-time shipment or up the ante and go for the bi-monthly subscription service to say "I'm Grateful for You" over and over. 

Online: thesipsociety.com


9. Cupcakin’ Bakery

With stores in both Berkeley and Oakland, Cupckakin’ has been delighting customers with delicious and beautiful cupcakes made with high quality and sustainable ingredients since 2014. Check their IG account and website to order their daily specials for pick up as they sell out fast!

2391 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley 

9070 E Washington St, Oakland

Online: cupcakinbakeshop.com

IG @cupcakingbakeshop


10. Peaches Patties

Check out Peaches Patties for delicious authentic Jamaican food for pick up or delivery. They have Jamaican delicacies available every day but their specialty is their famous and succulent patties which change weekly. A favorite is the lentil and Berbere spice or their traditional beef patties. Go to their website to see their stunning pictures and place an order!

2948 Folson St.
San Francisco

Online: peachespatties.com

IG @peachespatties


11. Sugar Sweet

Sugar Sweet’s mission is to provide baking that is real, traditional and uncomplicated. They stay true to scratch baking traditions, never using chemicals or preservatives.  Everything they serve is handmade in their own kitchen and designed by the talented and creative pastry chefs. Check out their IG account to see some of their beautiful and original creations. You can order online for pick up or delivery.

5855 Mac Arthur Blvd.

Online: sugarsweetoak.com

IG: @sugarsweetoak


12. Dimond Slice

The owners of Dimond Slice in Oakland are alumni of The Cheese Board and they bring fresh and different vegetarian and vegan pizza every day. They use only the freshest local ingredients and mostly organic products for their surprising and delicious combinations.

2208 MacArthur Blvd.

Online: dimondpizza.com

IG: @dimondslicepizza 


13. Yvone’s Southern Sweets

Based in Bay View, San Francisco, Yvonne began her business by making her famous pralines and expanded her offerings to include other specialty desserts such as ol’ school butter cookies, sweet potato pies, peach cobblers, and cakes for small parties and social gatherings at the request of family. Check out her IG or website to place orders for pick up or delivery.

5128 3rd St.
San Francisco

Online: yvonnessouthernsweets.com

IG: @yvonnessouthernsweets

14. New Eritrea Restaurant

New Eritrea is an authentic Eritrean Restaurant in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset. Kids usually love Ethiopian and Eritrean chicken and bean stews (try the lentil or split pea stews) with mild spices and their spongy and unique bread is always a favorite. Order online for pick up or delivery!

907 Irving St.
San Francisco

Online: neweritrearestaurant.com

15. Eko Kitchen

Eko Kitchen was born from the owner's love of food from her home country of Nigeria. By partnering with local vendors and using recipes from her mother and two grandmother's repertoires, Eko’s chef and owner has brought the first Nigerian restaurant to the Bay Area. Order online for pick up or delivery!

67 11th St.
San Francisco

Online: ekokitchensf.online

IG: @EkoKitchen

photo: Tammy Foxx

16. Eden Fitness Studio & Bridal Fitness Coach

Tammy Foxx the proud owner of two Black-owned businesses that have been hit especially hard during the current pandemic, Eden Fitness Studio and Bridal Fitness Coach. Eden Fitness Studio is a female-focused personal training studio located in Lower Pacific Heights that provide a clean and safe environment for female personal trainers and their private clients. 

Since 2009, Bridal Fitness Coach has sculpted the bodies of scores of happy brides.  They provide custom training programs for brides all over the world with BFC Fitness App while also providing personal training in a private studio or virtually via Zoom or Facetime. 

Eden Fitness Studio: edensf.com
IG: @edenfit.sf

Bridal Fitness Coach: bridalfitnesscoach.com
IG:  @bridalfitnesscoach

17. Fingersnaps Media Art

Head to Fingersnaps, in the heart of the Mission District to spin with San Francisco’s DJ Lamont, in private or group sessions to learn the traditions and fundamental skills of music theory, learn to count beats, bars, and timing and blend & beatmix, sample, edit, scratch, and create tricks. Fingersnaps Media Art is a creative, educational and artistic DJ-Studio where you can learn to DJ, record a mix and also attend workshops. Classes for kids age 5 and up, and adults.

3527 20th St.
San Francisco

Online: fingersnaps.net

IG: @ fingersnapsmediaarts

18. Teranga Juices and Organic Meals

Teranga is a food and beverage company that uses the baobab superfood and other ingredients and spices as the base for most of its prepared meals, snacks, drinks, and popsicles. They offer delicious organic meals and nutritious juices. Place your order online for pick up or delivery.

2948 Folsom St.
San Francisco

Online: terangajuice.com

IG: @terangalife

19. Satori Yoga Studio

Satori provides a wide variety of Yoga and meditation classes for practitioners of all levels including Vinyasa, Iyengar Restorative, Yin Yoga and more. Their mission is to give students an opportunity to look within, refocus, and regain a sometimes lost sense of perspective. They offer streaming online classes!

110 Sutter Street, Suite 100
San Francisco

Online: satoriyogastudio.com

IG: @satoriyogastudio

20. Prideful Patchez

Prideful Patchez, the online boutique specializing in custom Afrocentric Patches and Statement Clothing. In 2018, Regina introduced a variety of custom designed Statement Coats and clothing at festivals, trade shows and online. 

Online: pridefulpatchez.com

IG: @pridefulpatchez

21. Yellowcake Dessert

Baker Lasondra Wilson is a self-taught baker and her passion for food has evolved over the years. She loves creating flavor combinations that are different and play on desserts and food that she loves. More importantly, she loves creating flavors that YOU love; that represent who you are and your special events. 


Online: yellowcakedesserts.com

IG: @yellowcake_desserts

22. Nivana Soul Coffee

The first Black Owned coffee shop in San Jose, CA has arrived! Jeronica and Be’Anka—Sisters, bffs, and co-founders. Since they were little girls, coffee has held a special, calming place in their hearts. For as long as they can remember, they have dreamed of creating a space that feeds their souls and makes people happy. That's where Nirvana Soul was born.

San Jose

Online: nirvanasoulcoffee.com

IG: @nirvanasoulcoffee

23. Soyful Aromas

Soyful Aromas is handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their delightful candles are birthed out of a love for self-care and aromatherapy. Often we forget about our sense of smell and the power of aromatherapy. Various aromas have the ability to help us unwind and relax, enhance our mood, and so much more.


Online: soyfularomas.com

IG: @soyfularomas


TERANGA is a food and beverage company whose mission is to create refreshing and healthy food, drinks, snacks and prepared meals. All items are handcrafted in small batches using unique organic and wild ingredients like Baobab Fruit Pulp, Moringa, Hibiscus, Millet, Fonio, bringing flavors from Africa and around the world directly to your table.

San Francisco

Online: terangajuice.com

IG: @terangalife 

25. Wanda's Cooking

Wanda's Cooking is a pop-up restaurant, fulfilling pickup orders of traditional dishes like gumbo and cornbread in the Bay Area. Her signature item, a versatile and classic Southern condiment "Pepper Chowchow," is sold on her website. Pepper Chowchow has a history of enhancing flavors and Wanda took that history and expanded on the texture, versatility and visual appeal.


Online: wandascooking.com

IG: @wandas_cooking 

Got a business you’d like to see included? Email us at blm@tinybeans.go-vip.net

—Sonia Gandiaga & Kate Loweth

Featured photo: iStock


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