BookPig Delivers Fresh Reads To Your Door

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Does your kid devour books faster than you can get to the libary? Rather than making constant trips (only to find them reluctant to return favorites), why not try out BookPig? Despite its gluttonous name, it’s not an endless stream of books delivered to your door, but one shipment each month. It works like Netflix for books, with a monthly fee, and you and your child put books into a queue, then wait for the fun, brightly colored package to arrive each month.

BookPig keeps track of your child’s reading level, so that they can make appropriate suggestions for future shipments. They also encourage feedback on which books you liked with fun stickers (“loved it!” “too easy,” etc.). You return the books after your next shipment arrives or, if your kid REALLY loves a particular story, you can purchase the book at a price about 50 to 75 percent below retail value.

With over 5,000 titles to choose from, your child’s bound to find an addictive series or a favorite new author to pig out on. And with no late fees, plus a back-to-school special running now, giving subscribers 40 percent off their first three months, you’ll be living high on the hog!
—Sarah Bossenbroek