Custom Birthday Cookies

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Why settle for a cupcake when a cookie can present itself in the shape of an animal, insect, favorite toy, or even a party dress? These artistic Bay Area bakeries have not only perfected their cookie recipes, they’ve got a vision in mind for your special occasion.
Parker’s Crazy Cookies
Dave Parker baked professionally in Spain and worked in the toy industry before founding his own crazy cookie company. Can you think of a more original party favor that a cookie baked in the semblance of your birthday boy or girl? Why not go all out and have Dave bake your entire family into happy, dough-shaped pieces? In addition to custom made “portraits,” Parker’s Crazy Cookies Celebration Series includes Baby and Hippy Collections. Deliveries are met throughout the Bay.
Pleasanton-based Sugar Gardens considers every cookie a masterpiece. Owner Jan Loomis is an artist whose medium just happens to be cake, icing, and gumpaste. Lucky for us moms who can’t bake, Jan also gives private lessons and group classes in sugar arts. What does this all mean for your upcoming b-day party? It means a batch of cookies with texture and personality, shaped into characters that tell a story. Take Sugar Gardens’ polar bear cookie, for instance, carrying a suitcase in the shape of a fish. Other favorites include a bitten watermelon, dog and fire hydrant, and Cinderella dress cookie. Sugar Gardens delivers cookies in the Tri-Valley area.
Moms Dina and Wendy call their cookies cute–but not too cute to eat. These Hello Kookie founders realized that grocery stores and bakeries just don’t have what moms are looking for in a cookie–something “edible, personalized, packaged, and just plain cute.” Their signature “kookie” series includes a zoo of whimsical animals inspired by anime culture, including playful kittens and adorable bunnies, all with a touch of attitude. They will work with you personally to create the perfect birthday cookie party favor made from organic ingredients and fill deliveries throughout the Bay.
Do you have a go-to cookie bakery for kids parties? Let us know in the comments below.

—Renee Rutledge