The Ultimate Gift Guide for Little Scientists

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Are you searching for the best gifts for your favorite curious kiddo? Well, get ready to check off your list with this awesome gift guide that will have every child from tot to teen exploring the fascinating world of science through hands-on experiments in chemistry, engineering and more. Scroll down to see our top picks!

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Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit

$20   BUY NOW

Color-coded pieces make learning about how electronic circuits work easy! There are over 100 projects that can be made from just one kit.

Ada Twist, Scientist On-The-Go Lab

$45   BUY NOW

With beakers, goggles, experiment cards, stickers and plenty of other supplies, your curious kid will be whipping up experiments just like their favorite scientist in no time.

Crayola Paper Butterfly Science Kit

$23   BUY NOW

This butterfly kit will allow your child to discover physics and show off their artistic skills by designing paper butterflies that can fly!

MEandMine Journey Down The Belly STEAM Kitchen Science Kit

$30   BUY NOW

Discover the journey from plate to tummy and beyond! Kids will get up-close and personal with their bodily functions, prompting creativity and self-discovery.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Elements

$20   BUY NOW

Renowned illustrator Lisa Congdon gives kids a treat with this stunning book about the Periodic Table (of course) that's also filled with interesting tidbits about scientists and much more.

Feyi Fay Build Your Own Solar Powered Car

$25   BUY NOW

Your kiddos are probably not old enough to drive a car yet, but they’ll have just as much fun building and designing their own real working solar-powered model car!

How I Girl Super Science Leggings

$18   BUY NOW

Ethically produced, tagless and offering back pockets, these adorable science-themed leggings make a great addition to their closet.

Learning Resources Coding Critters MagiCoders

$55   BUY NOW

Your child’s coding magic spells will come to life as Blazer the Dragon lights up, chases a ball and more. The best part? There are no screens to be found.

Hape Discovery Scientific Workbench

$52   BUY NOW

Another amazing science toy for the tots! Watch your child learn about engineering and physics while building pulleys, levers, and more on their very own scientific workbench.

Nancy B's Science Club Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit

$27   BUY NOW

Teaching kids about the environment and how we can make better choices is made easy in this clear kit that will allow everyone to see just how nature handles all that trash!

GoldieBlox Crystal Growing Kit

$23   BUY NOW

Crystals go sparkly in this growing kit that has several colors and LED lights to illuminate the included terrarium.

Educational Insights Sprout & Grow Window Plant Growing Kit

$28   BUY NOW

Give your child a first-row seat to all the action that happens after a seed is planted. Kids will learn about the different stages while they observe and track the growth of their plants.

4M Bubble Science - Physics, Chemistry Lab

$14   BUY NOW

Kids of all ages love bubbles. And now they can learn how bubbles work, all about the different shapes and even make an unbreakable bubble in this fun kit!


Insect Lore - Butterfly Growing Kit

$23   BUY NOW

Enjoy the fascinating stages of butterflies from caterpillar to adult. Can’t find any caterpillars? No problem! The kit includes a voucher so you can have them shipped to your home.

SmartLab Ultimate Secret Formula Lab

$37   BUY NOW

There are actual tubes, valves and PH strips in this chemistry lab for kids! Chose from over 40 included experiments or make your own.

—Candace Nagy

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