Find community and connection with these Seattle Facebook groups for parents

Now more than ever it’s important for parents to stay connected. Whether you’re prepping for distance learning or need a distraction from working at home, moms and dads who share the same concerns, questions and interests that you do are just a click away. Find your village in one of these Seattle Facebook groups.

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Seattle Moms Group

Regardless of where you live in or around the Emerald City, this Facebook group of moms is there for you. Newborn got a weird rash and you’re not sure it’s worthy of a trip to the doc? This group will help you out. Trying to find a photographer to shoot baby’s first birthday bash? These moms have got the scoop. Think of this group as a great way to crowd source pressing parent questions, drama-free.

PNW Hiking with Kids

So many families are taking solace in the woods these days, where social distancing is easy. Finding the right hike, however, can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why Shali Grace created this Facebook group less than a year ago. She craved a space where parents who enjoy hiking could share stories, tips and hike ideas with each other in a supportive, informative environment. That’s what you’ll find here. So whether you’re a newb or were born with a hiking pole in hand, join this group to get all the practical deets and inspiration you need.

Seattle Stay At Home Dads

What started many years ago with three dads and a PEPS group, has grown to include over 400 Seattle stay-at-home dads. This active group of involved guys tackle all sorts of topics on their news feed; considered by members to be the go-to spot for questions about child developmental issues, daddy-ing concerns and questions, even talking about what’s it’s like to be the only guy at the park sometimes. Expect to answer a few questions when you ask to join this group, then get ready to find dads just like you from the greater Seattle area.

Lynnwood Moms

An offshoot of another online moms group, Lynnwood Moms made their way on the scene just over five years ago. Now 3,200 members strong, it's become a space where moms can go do discuss all sorts of things going on in the immediate Lynnwood area. It’s where local moms find out about school and family events, healthcare fairs and local deals being offered. Members will also find tons of answers to questions from the basic (who’s the best pediatrician in town?) to the not-so-standard (where’s the best price in town for diapers today?), and everything in between. It’s a supportive and diverse community that looks out for each other and the group prides itself on their annual Christmas family adoption program, as well as being able to connect local moms in need with local moms who can give. Consider it the virtual resource for everything Lynnwood moms need to know!

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Seattle Attachment Parenting

Whether you’re well versed in the world of attachment parenting or are just starting to learn about its practice, forming and nurturing strong connections between parents and their kiddos, this Facebook group is where you want to be. It’s where you can connect with others on the same path, to ask questions, offer solutions and dish tips on how to treat your wee one with kindness, respect and dignity at every turn. The over 1,200 members are an active, genuine group of parents and caregivers who take a "general approach” to attachment parenting. Although many members may use tools like baby wearing, bed sharing and breastfeeding, they aren’t requirements for practicing attachment parenting and fostering healthy emotional bonds with your mini-me here.

Seattle Vegan Families

Parents know if you’re raising a vegan kid, it can be tough at times, even in Seattle. That’s where the Seattle Vegan Families Facebook page comes in. Designed to be a hangout for vegan families (at least one kid and one parent need to be vegan to join), you can find answers to all kinds of questions on this wellness-focused page. This supportive group of over 350 parents are all about supporting their child’s vegan diet. Which makes us think one thing—yum!

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Seattle Gay Families

Get connected through this LGBTQ group that hosts a virtual platform for its over 850 active member families. The group was about getting together (in the pre-Covid days), but now continues its focus on supporting each other and having a good time with other LBGTQ parents and their kidlets. The page also acts as a resource for parents (prospective parents, too!) looking to connect, build friendships and exchange stories within the local LGBTQ parenting community.

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Seattle Parents of Preemies

Moderated by the Seattle Parents of Preemies leadership team, this dynamic, private Facebook page provides a virtual space where parents of preemies can connect once their little ones have been released from the NICU. It’s a place where moms and dads, who might otherwise feel isolated and alone with their littlest bundle, can get those much-needed "me too's!” that let them know they’re not alone in their experience. Beyond this virtual platform that’s filled with questions, resources, and emotional support, families can connect in the real world, too. SPP hosts monthly parent-led support group meetings, and exciting educational events and expert speakers around the city for preemie families, too.

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Families of Color Seattle

For self-identified parents of children of color, their accomplices and allies, belonging to FOCS’s ever-expanding, 2,900-member group page is a must. Beyond the articles, giveaways and event notifications everyone shares within the group, parents will find this to be a comforting, healing spot, a true place to connect. It's also where you can learn about new parent groups FOCS hosts virtually. And if you’ve got questions, concerns or resources to share, this group is on it, enthusiastically responding based on their wide range of experiences and viewpoints. It’s one of the many ways FOCS works with parents and caregivers to empower kids of color, giving them room to grow in compassion, agency and self-awareness so they can thrive.

Shilshole Boatfest

Parents in Magnolia, Ballard & Queen Anne

If you live in Ballard, Magnolia or Queen Anne (or just outside those neighborhoods), you need to get in on this Facebook group. Its 9,000 members get together (virtually) to trade tips and dish details about upcoming events, classes, and more so that even neighborhood newbies can parent like they’ve been at it for years. Getting to know each other, building community and supporting other parents along their parenting journey is the group’s main order of business. And to keep things focused, they don’t allow any buying or selling within the group….they’ve got a different group for that. Both are worth a like!

Good to Know
Many of these groups are closed, so you will need permission from an administrator to join. Some require answers to quick questions, others are more rigorous and some are just a formality. So, ask away!

—Allison Sutcliffe

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